View From the Judges: 2012 NY Pro Bikini

India Paulino continued to rack up wins while Jamie Baird and newcomer Yeshaira Robles were once again hot on her heels in the Bikini division at the 2012 New York Pro. Here, IFBB Professional League Chairman and NY Pro Head Judge Jim Manion breaks down the top finishers.



“Yeshaira is a first-year competitor who is very good. She’s going to win some shows that’s for sure. I thought she pushed Jamie and India. That’s a rookie who is going against two of the top 5 girls from the Olympia and the Arnold and holding her own. I was very impressed with her. “

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“Jamie is consistently there, she is in condition all the time and just keeps getting better and better. She has won a few shows and will again. It was very close between her and India in Pittsburgh and it was again here. India was just a little bit better once again.”

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“India just keeps improving. She’s a threat for the Olympia title, no doubt in my mind. Besides improving her physique, her stage presence has gotten much better. The confidence she has, she looks like she owns the stage when she walks out – in a good way, not in a cocky or arrogant way. In her head she walks out there knowing she’s the winner. You look at her and she just brings that attention to herself. She really knows how to work with what she has.”

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