NPC October 2012 Athlete of the Month Profiles: Figure, Bikini & Fitness

Corinna Booth, Maura Bouchard, and Kristine Duba have been named the NPC Athletes of the Month in Figure, Bikini and Fitness for the month of October.

October Accomplishment: 
Ft. Lauderdale Cup 1st Class  D and Overall

Age 25
Height 5’6
Weight 128
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Steve Stone NY Metropolitans 2nd Class C; Bev Francis Atlantic States 2nd Class D; Team Universe 5th Class E; Ft. Lauderdale Cup 1st Class and Overall, 1st Novice Class and Overall; 2011: Ft. Lauderdale Cup 1st Novice Class and Overall; Nationals 1st Class E

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STRESS RELIEF “I’m a single mom, a full-time nursing student and in the army reserves. So the gym is kind of my own time to get away, leave the stress and anger from the day at the gym, and then be able to go home and do the mom thing and the student thing without any stress.”

TEN-HUT I’ve been in the military since I was 17. I was a law enforcement specialist. I feel like it’s really in my blood – I like being strict, I like to get things done. Even with competing, my coaches have to tell me to stop being so military on stage. I would stand at attention and they’re like ‘No, don’t do that’” 

MOMMY’S MUSCLES “I have a five-year old daughter, and she loves it. She thinks that every mom is supposed to look like me, which is kind of funny because most don’t. She asks me things like, ‘Why don’t the other moms have bumps on their shoulders like you?’ She just reminds me to keep enjoying this, because it did start off as something that made me happy – and when you become very competitive sometimes you forget that aspect.” 

SEXY AND YOU KNOW IT “I like competing because I can go and meet like-minded people. But also, I can be someone else on stage – like a different personality. People see me off stage and are like ‘Wow, you don’t look the same!’. I can be more girly, sexier on stage. You can be someone else that weekend at the show.” 

NO COMPARISONS “I am very competitive but I try not to look at other competitors, because I can’t compare myself to them. I’m a different body type – every show I go into, as long as I look better than the last show, I’m happy. Of course I want to place well but you never know if it’s your day or not.”

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