Frank Sepe -NPC News Online Editor In Chief On The Cover Of Inside Fitness

NPC News Online Editor In Chief Frank Sepe is on the current cover of Inside Fitness
Magazine.  We spoke to Frank yesterday and he said, “Being around all these NPC competitors motivated me to get in the best shape I could for this cover”.  I have been so blessed to be on hundreds of magazine and book covers. I don’t know what number cover this is for me but this one is special. Only 12 people a year are chosen to be on the cover of Inside Fitness and in such a competitive industry to be chosen as one of them is pretty cool – especially at my age!”.  I also wanted the cover to be real! I wanted it to look like if I were going to the gym on  any given day. I don’t like those highly fake photo shopped covers! They present a very fake and unattainable look.  Hopefully I can inspire some people out there to make training a priority in their life., There is also a  great arm workout in there that you all should give a try.  It will take your arms to the next level! Congratulations to Frank  from everyone at NPCNEWSONLINE

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