NPC May 2013 Athlete of the Month Profiles: Bikini, Figure & Fitness

Lindsey Waters, Vicki Dowell and Mary Stockbridge were named NPC May Athletes of the Month after winning Overall titles in their respective divisions at the NPC Junior USA Championships. Find out more about these three new IFBB Pros below!

Recent Accomplishment: NPC Junior USA Overall and Class A Winner

Age 23
Height 5’1
Weight 103
Residence Florida
Contest History/Highlights 2013: Atlantic USA 1st Class A and Overall; Battle on the Beach 1st Class A; Steve Stone NY Metropolitans 1st Class A and Overall; Pittsburgh Championships 1st Class A; 2012: Brooklyn Grand Prix 3rd Class A; 2010: Western Regionals 1st Class A

BUILD A BODY “I’ve always enjoyed weight training and working out in general. I like the idea that you’re not necessarily stuck with the body you were born with. The gym is like a pottery wheel that allows you to change, form, mold your body into what you would like it to look like.”

UNKNOWN MOTIVATION “What motivates me is the ‘unknown.’ Not knowing what my full potential can be, how far or how developed my body can become. It excites me to know that I still have room for improvement every show, and every prep period or off season is not a chance to relax and start from square one, but to build upon that and take my physique to the next level each time. I find my biggest amount of inspiration from my coach Shannon Dey. I’ve never met any one with such a big heart and tough mind like hers. She really empowers you to live up to your potential and push yourself.”

CONSTANT FITNESS “Dealing with change has been a constant obstacle in my life. I moved around a lot as a child and now with my parents overseas it’s been hard to find one solid constant in my life. Fitness has now become that one solid constant that will always be there. I am in control of the work that will yield the results.”

MEANT TO BE “My mom [was a bodybuilder], she passed when I was a toddler so I never really got to know her and am still finding a little more out as time goes on. I really felt that this was my calling, that this is what I was meant to accidentally stumble upon. As an adolescent, I was chasing the wrong things in life and getting caught up in the wrong things to bring me happiness. It is a remarkable feeling knowing I found this passion and sport on my own and I know my Mom would be proud of me today. I really hate sounding so cliche, but really it feels like this was destined to happen. Not only am I an athlete in a sport that I am extremely passionate about, I have also been able to make a career out of it as well by working for Bombshell Fitness.”

COMMIT AND SACRIFICE “My goal is to inspire as many women as possible. Making them believe in their own true beauty and potential. Any one can do any thing if you really commit to your goal and are willing to make the sacrifices to get there.”


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