2013 NPC Junior USA Pro Card Winner Profiles

Over 460 competitors took the stage at the Junior USAs in Charleston, South Carolina last weekend with 12 of those standouts earning the right to call themselves IFBB Pros. Check out the new members of the IFBB Professional League and see what Junior USA Head Judge Sandy Williamson had to say about each.

(Note: Full profile information is not provided in cases where competitors did not respond to inquiries)



LINDSEY WATERS – Overall and Class B Winner
Age 23
Height 5’1
Weight 103
Contest History/Highlights 2013: Atlantic USA 1st Class A and Overall; Battle on the Beach 1st Class A; Steve Stone NY Metropolitans 1st Class A and Overall; Pittsburgh Championships 1st Class A; 2012: Brooklyn Grand Prix 3rd Class A; 2010: Western Regionals 1st Class A

Quote “It’s heart warming when somebody says they saw your picture and that’s maybe what inspired them to get up and go to the gym in the morning. I want to be better so I can help others be better. I know I have a longs ways to go and a lot of work to do, but I’m ready for it.”

Judge’s Comments “This girl could walk on a pro stage tomorrow and do well. A beautiful girl with nice lines and nice stage presence. Conditioning was good. Some of the girls who won their class had way too much muscle, but she had just the right amount.”

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Age 29
Height 5’1
Weight 112
Residence Walnut Creek, California
Contest History/Highlights 2012: San Diego Championships 7th Class B; Sacramento Championships 3rd Class B; San Francisco Championships 2nd Class B; Contra Costa 1st Class B and Overall; Nationals 11th Class B

Quote “I’m thrilled to be a part of the IFBB Pro League – it’s my passion and it’s everything that I represent in my life. Hopefully I can inspire other women to be fit and healthy. I want to be that person who is that role model.”

Judge’s Comments “Gorgeous looks. From the front she is dead on, but she needs to work on bringing the back end down. She’s not heavy – I think her glutes are just a little too thick. I don’t think it’s conditioning, she just needs to shave off a little bit of muscle.”

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Age 24
Height 5’3 1/2
Weight 115
Residence Kansas City, Missouri
Contest History/Highlights 2012: St. Louis Championships 5th Class B; Pittsburgh Championships 2nd Class C; Junior Nationals 4th Class C; North Americans 10th Class C; Nationals 3rd Class C

Quote “It means so much to me, I’ve been working so hard for this moment. My goal was to be an IFBB Pro – I worked my butt of for it, I got it and I’m just so happy. It hasn’t really hit me yet, but this isn’t the last you’re going to see of me. I’m going to do well in pro ranks also.”

Judge’s Comments “She reminded me a little of India Paulino when she walked out- a pretty girl with great lines but needs to work on bringing the muscle in her legs down. She’s a little bottom heavy, she just has a little too much muscle down there. Great stage presence.”

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LEILA THOMPSON – Overall and Class A Winner
Age 41
Height 5’2
Weight 126
Residence Durham, North Carolina
Contest History/Highlights 2013: North Carolina State 1st Class A, 2nd Masters; 2012: Mid Atlantic States 1st Class A and Masters Overall; Muscle Heath 1st Class A and Overall, Masters Overall; 2011: Elite Muscle Classic 5th Figure Class A, 2nd Masters Class A; Victory Classic 2nd Figure Class A, 2nd Masters

Quote “I was speechless, but I I feel like worked really, really hard and just kept telling myself it was gonna be worth it. At end of the day my motto is ‘Always stay hungry’. Be open to change and grow and just go for it. That’s what kept me going every day. I’m really, really hungry both mentally and physically!”

Judge’s Comments “At the pro level she might need little more muscle, but her conditioing and her lines are great. A lot of Women’s Physique competitors aren’t getting condioninted enough, but you can see where her glutes and hamstrings are. Nice detail in her back. She poses very well, she just might be little bit light in her upper body as far as muscle.”

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Age 36
Height 5’5 1/2
Weight 127
Residence Copperas Cove, Texas
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Masters Nationals 2nd Class B Over 35; Branch Warren Classic 4th; 2011: USA Championships 16th Class D; Stingrey Classic Overall; 2010: Paradise Cup 3rd Class; Stingrey Classic 2nd Class; Armed Forces Championships Overall

Quote “It just feels surreal to finally be an IFBB Pro. It feels like i’s been a long time coming. A lot of hard work and training that finally paid off!”

Judge’s Comments “She needs to work on her symmetry, she is a little straight up and down. A tall girl, so she needs to fill out. She’s got some muscle in her back, that’s her strong point. But she’ll need more muscle from the front in the upper body and more sweep to her legs to improve her lines. Conditioning was good.”

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MARY STOCKBRIDGE – Overall and Class A Winner
Age 35
Height 4’11 1/2
Weight 103
Residence Houston, Texas
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Arnold Amateur 5th Class A; Adela Garcia Classic 3rd Fitness; Fitness Nationals 3rd Class A; 2011: Rock Solid Championships 2nd Figure Class A; Minnesota State 1st Figure Class A; 2008: Branch Warren Classic 4th Figure Class A; 2007: Nationals 4th Fitness Class A; Texas State Championships 2nd Fitness

Quote “I am so honored to have won my IFBB Pro Card – it is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. The journey was not done alone, I have had many great people support me over the years. I am proof that if you to stay humble, work hard and never give up, dreams can come true!”

Judge’s Comments “She is going to need to work on her physique – she will need more muscle to compete at the pro level. Her presentation, choreography, ease with the routine and how she moved onstage was great. But she will need to add more difficulty to be competitive at the next level.”

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Age 32
Height 5’1
Weight 108
Residence Dallas, Georgia
Contest History/Highlights 2013: Arnold Amateur 2nd Class A; 2012 Nationals 3rd Class A; Mid-Atlantic Championships 1st Class A; North Americans 18th Bikini Class A; USA Championships 16th Bikini Class A; Team Universe 11th Bikini Class B; Junior Nationals 10th Bikini Class A; Steve Stone NY Metropolitans 13th Bikini Class A; Arnold Amateur 4th Bikini Class A; 2011: Daytona Classic 8th Bikini Class A; Ft. Lauderdale Cup 10th Bikini Class A; Nationals 16th Bikini Class A

Quote “Winning an IFBB Pro Card means the world to me. It is a symbol of my hard work and dedication to the sport of bodybuilding, health and wellness. I feel a sense of accomplishment and it justifies and reinforces that you can accomplish your dreams if you put in the work.”

Judge’s Comments “Symmetry-wise she has a tiny waist, but I don’t think her suit complimented her body at all. She is going to need to add more muscle in her upper body, particularly her arms. Just fill out her physique a little more overall in order to move up to the next level.”

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VICKI DOWELL – Overall and Class B Winner
Judge’s Comments She’s got nice lines and that’s what took it for her. Nice taper with just enough muscle. Her conditioning was really good. She might have to put on little more muscle in her upper body, but think she’ll do well as a pro.

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Judge’s Comments “A beautiful girl with beautiful symmetry. She’s a tall girl, so she is going to need to add more size to her upper body. She reminds me a little bit of Teresa Anthony, but with a little better legs. With a little more work overall she could do very well.”

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JEREMY BUENDIA – Overall and Class B Winner
Age 22
Height 5’7 1/2
Weight 165
Residence Roseville, California
Contest History/Highlights 2013: Grand Prix 1st Class B and Overall; 2012: Sacramento Championships 1st Class B and Overall; Excalibur 1st Class B and Overall
Judge’s Comments “A great overall look. Nice conditioning, nice lines and great stage presence. It doesn’t look too thick on his frame, but he is kind of borderline with the muscle. I wouldn’t add any more muscle if I was him. I would walk in just like he is and see how he fares with the pros, because he could do well.”

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Judge’s Comments “Conditioning was good. He’s got muscle, but he doesn’t have a lot of muscle – he could use more in the upper body. He came across very well as far as stage presence.”

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Judge’s Comments “Nice leanness. I think as a pro he is going to have to add size to his upper body. He’s a tall guy so he needs to fill out. Conditioning was right on. Really nice stage presence.”

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