NPC Athletes of the Month: May 2012

The National Physique Committee and Gaspari Nutrition are proud to announce seven athletes – Dan Newmire, Cassandra Wilson, Hope Davis, Lacey DeLuca, Trina Thompson, Guy Marquardt and Allison Spencer – as the Athletes of the Month in their respective divisions for the month of May.

May marks the first month of Gaspari Nutrition’s participation in the NPC Athlete of the Month awards.

“Gaspari Nutrition is honored to be a part of the NPC Athlete of the Month awards” Gaspari Nutrition CEO and founder Rich Gaspari said. “My company is proud to sponsor over 20 different athletes so it’s exciting to be a part of this new athlete recognition program through the NPC.”

Gaspari, who started in the NPC as a teenager in New Jersey, won the light-heavyweight class and his pro card at the 1984 NPC Nationals. A year later, he competed in his first Olympia at the age of 22 before going on to three runner-up finishes at the Olympia and an Arnold Classic win in 1989.

“I feel it’s very important to give back to the sport by recognizing the young, up-and-coming competitors in all of the divisions,” Gaspari said. “Hopefully some of these athletes are able to go on to successful careers in the IFBB Professional League.”

NPC Chairman Jim Manion selects the Athletes of the Month in each of the organization’s seven divisions – Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Fitness and Men’s and Women’s Physique – based on the information provided by contest promoters across the country and featured in the NPC News Online Contest Roundups every Monday.

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May Resume Jr. USAs Overall and Super Heavyweight Winner

Age 33
Height 5’9
Residence Marietta, Georgia
Weight 254
Contest history/highlights 2012: Jr. USAs 1st Super Heavyweight and Overall; 2011: Jr. USAs 2nd Super Heavyweight; Jr. Nationals 5th Super Heavyweight; 2010: Coastal Championships 2nd Super Heavyweight; Nationals DNP; 2008: Golds Gym Southeastern Classic 1st Super Heavyweight and Overall; Georgia State Championships 1st Super Heavyweight and Overall; Nationals DNP; 2005: Iowa State Championships 1st Heavyweight and Overall; Midwest Open 1st Heavyweight and Overall; 2003: Collegiate Nationals 3rd Heavyweight; 2001: Iowa State Championships 1st Heavyweight and Overall; 2000: Iowa State Championships 1st Light Heavyweight

COMMITMENT “I had a hard time as child sitting down and doing nothing. I played many sports from elementary through middle school, but entering high school I played only football. After I graduated from high school, I needed a competitive activity to engage and commit myself to. One morning I woke up from a long night of drinking I made the decision to commit myself to training and a better lifestyle.”

FIRST SHOW “My first show in 2000 was a pain, I did not get in the greatest shape, but I won the light heavyweight class weighing in at 197lbs. I remember water manipulation was the hardest part. Reducing or not drinking water was the hardest part to me.”

MEETING THE CHALLENGE “With bodybuilding more so than any other competitive activity, you are mainly competing with yourself – it’s is more of a mind game than a physical game. Compromising, suffering, pushing when tired and time management are some of the hardest aspects of the whole contest preparation. I fell in love with bodybuilding when I found out how difficult it is, how much one has to compromise to be successful in it. I have always loved challenges, and the activity of bodybuilding is very difficult.”

BALANCING ACT “Many of my role models in bodybuilding are the athletes and friends of mine who are multidimensional; who can balance family, professions outside of bodybuilding, yet are still able to compete and do very well. I have come across bodybuilders who want to succeed and compromise almost too much in their life in order to be successful and come up short, sometimes very short.”

DOING WORK “Obviously my goal in bodybuilding – like many – is to be an IFBB Pro. I don’t know if that is in the cards for me, but I will do my best. I cannot even look beyond that point as far as competing at the that level until I have secured professional status. I understand I have a lot of work to do on my physique to become more symmetrical and balanced which takes a lot of time and work.”









May Resume Jr. USA Overall Winner and Heavyweight Winner

Age 41
Height 5’3
Weight 145
Residence Duluth, Georgia
Contest history/highlights 2012: Jr. USAs 1st Heavyweight and Overall; 2011: Jr. USAs 2nd Heavyweight; 2010: Excalibur 1st Light Heavyweight and Overall; Nationals 6th Heavyweight; 2005: Atlantic USAs 1st Middleweight and Overall; 2004: Georgia State Championships 2nd Middleweight

SHE’S GOT LEGS “I was a runner in high school and college back and genetically I have these huge legs that I couldn’t get rid of. I always wanted to have an athletic look – that was very important to me. So after my divorce in 1998, that’s when I really focused on getting in the gym and trying to change my look. I was back on the market and getting into shape.”

SHY AWAY “I started training to be a bodybuilder in 1998 but it took me until 2004 to get on the stage because I’m very shy. Wearing next to nothing and someone else judging me – that was very hard for me and I still feel that way. It still scares me every single time I’m on stage. I just talk myself through it and tell myself ‘It’s going to be over before I know it’.”

NO COMPARISONS “My personal motto is ‘No challenge, no change.’ You want to look the best you can look. It’s not about comparing yourself to someone else or someone else telling you what you should look like. If we were always trying to look like someone else we would never be happy. Do the best with what you have and you can’t go wrong.”

MARINE LIFE “I was in the Marines from 1989-1993. My best friend talked me into doing it. I was overseas in the Philippines and Okinawa. I was stateside for 2 years and overseas for 2 years.”

A LITTLE HELP “I’m a personal trainer and I love helping others. Whether it’s training regular people or fitness competitors, I let them know that regardless of what age you are, never give up hope. We can do anything with our bodies if we are focused, consistent and disciplined.”









May Resume Pittsburgh Championships 1st Class B and Overall; Eastern Seaboards 1st Class B and Overall; Jr. USAs 1st Class C

Age 22
Height 5’3
Weight 116
Residence New Jersey
Contest history/highlights 2012: Pittsburgh Championships 1st Class B and Overall; Eastern Seaboards 1st Class B and Overall; Jr. USAs 1st Class C

BLAST OFF “I was in every sport when I was young. I loved being active and trying new sports. I was on a competitive cheer team, tap, jazz, ballet, dance, figure skating, dirt bikes, mini dragsters, gymnastics and track – hurdles the 100-meter dash. I had a blast in every sport I was in!”

MOM KNOWS BEST “Thanks to my wonderful mom for introducing me into figure competitions! I remember being so happy on stage and showing everyone what my coaches and I created with my physique.”

BEYOND LIMITS “I love the goals that you have to make and meet that comes with competing! Mentally it makes me feel good to know that I have to “work hard” to meet goals. I am competitive, but only with myself. I always am pushing my body beyond its limits.”

UNIQUE MODELS “I admire all competitors in the sport. We all work hard for the physique that we want. It’s such an inspiration in this sport because it gives everybody a chance to be unique and see what their genetics can produce.”

BE THE BEST “My goal is to go to the Olympia in the next year to make a name for myself. In life, if you want to be the best you have to compete with the best!”









May Resume Pittsburgh Championships and Eastern Seaboards Overall winner Junior USAs 3rd Class A

Age 23
Height 5’1
Weight 98
Residence Ocala, Florida
Contest history/highlights 2012: Atlantic States 2nd Class A; Steve Stone NY Metropolitans 1st Class A and Overall; Pittsburgh Championships 1st Class A and Overall; Jr. USA 4th Class A
Editor’s Note: DeLuca won her IFBB pro card in June by winning Class A and Overall at the Junior Nationals

EARLY DISCIPLINE “I was competitive gymnast for about13 years up until I was 17 years old. I trained probably around 20 to 25 hours a week and competed all over the region. That helped keep my body in shape pretty much my whole life, just that regular training and discipline.”

NEWCOMER “I just found out about this sport back in August of last year. I actually was doing a photo shoot with Rob Rozetti and he brought it to my attention that he thought I could be really good in this bikini – so that’s how I got started. I started training in December and did my first contest in March.”

INSPIRATION FROM INDIA “When I did that photo shoot with Rob, he brought India Paulino in too. When I saw her I as like ‘Oh ok – I want to look like her!’ I wanted to see what she was doing and how she looked the way she did. She has been my inspiration in this sport since I started.”

FITNESS FUTURE? “I’ve thought about doing fitness competitions – because of my gymnastics background I think I could be really good. I just wish they would let bikini bodies come into the fitness world, because the body types are so different.
I love to watch the fitness competitors – they’re the most exciting part of the competition for me – and I love to perform.”

FAMILY MATTERS “I come from a pretty big Italian family, so I’d have to say dieting is the hardest part for me – I was so used to eating all pasta and Italian food. Eventually everyone got used to it. My aunt owns a few Italian restaurants, but they’re all aware of it now so I can get my chicken and vegetables made just how I need them.”


May Resume Jr. USAs Overall and Class A Winner

Age 36
Height 5’2
Weight 125
Residence Shelbyville, Kentucky
Contest history/highlights 2012: Jr. USAs 1st Class A and Overall; 2011 Jr. Nationals 4th Class A; 2010: Nationals 11th Figure Class B; Indianapolis Championships Figure Class A and Overall winner; GNC Classic Figure Class A and Overall winner; 2008: Kentucky Championships 3rd Figure Class A; Jr. USA 7th Figure Class A; 2007: Southern States 2nd Figure Class A; Pittsburgh Championships 2nd Figure Class B; 2006: Kentucky Muscle Classic 1st Figure Class A

BEAUTY TO BODYBUILDER “I got started in beauty pageants and won the Ms. Kentucky in 2002, but I kept getting told I was too muscular – and I wasn’t even working out! My ex-husband took me to a show and I looked at the girls and said ‘You know what? I think I can do that.’ So I trained really hard from like February to November and ended up winning my class at that first show.”

GETTING PHYSICAL “I got involved in wrestling after I met Victoria from the WWE. She told me I should try out, that they loved girls like me. So I went in to Ohio Valley Wrestling and the very first day they signed me up. I did that for three years, and I still go and make a guest appearance every now and then. My signature move is called the Shelby Cross, because I’m from Shelbyville. It’s a cross-body off the top rope.”

DISCIPLINE “I love being on stage. I just like entertaining and I also like the discipline that it takes. It’s just like with wrestling, when I was in the ring every night for three hours – and that hurts! Bodybuilding doesn’t hurt as much, but it takes discipline, and it’s not something everybody can do.”

FAMILY BENEFITS “My parents have been a little iffy about competing because my body has changed so much since 2006, but they’re very supportive. My family owns a farm and my dad raises all of my sweet potatoes, eggs and chicken for me. He does that specifically so I don’t have to spend as much money on food!”

NONSTOP When I was 16, me and one other girl were raising five acres of tobacco by ourselves so I could start saving money for college. Every day after school, I would go home and grab a quick bite to eat and then be in the field until dark. Now I work two jobs – I’m a Director of Social Services at a nursing home and I do drug and alcohol group therapy. I’ve basically been going nonstop since I was 16 years old.”









May Resume Junior USA Overall and Class C winner

Age 30
Height 6’4
Weight 214
Residence Bailey Colorado
Contest history 2012: Jr. USAs 1st Class C and Overall; 2011: Warrior Classic 2nd Tall Class; Colorado State Championships 3rd Tall Class; 2010: Natural Colorado Championships Bodybuilding 2nd Novice Heavyweight, 4th place Drug-free for Life

LET’S DO A SHOW “I played some football, but skateboarding and snowboarding were my choice. When I started competing I had been training for about 5 years – I was asked a lot if I ever competed. One day a training partner of mine said ‘Lets do a show’ so we set a goal to do the Natural Colorado.”

COMPETITIVE MINDSET “I have always been extremely competitive. I don’t care if I’m on stage, playing ball, or fishing. I’m competitive at work and my co-workers don’t even know that it’s competition.”

ROLE MODEL “My biggest role model in the sport is Rick Sosias, the man is willing to do whatever to help out others in the industry and he’s as genuine as it gets.”

HEAVY DUTY “I train as heavy as I can with low reps almost all the time even in the last few weeks leading up to a show I believe what ever built the muscle is the best way for me to train all the way up to the show.”

BE HAPPY “I want to help create the standard that is being looked for in the Men’s Physique division, be a good role model and show people that we don’t ever have to be willing to accept what is going on in our lives if we are not happy with it.”









May Resume Jr. USA Class B Winner