NPC Athlete Spotlight: Bikini Competitor Whittney Clinkscales

NPC Athlete Spotlight: Bikini Competitor Whittney Clinkscales

Name:              Whittney Clinkscales
Facebook:       whittney.clinkscales
Instagram:     fitwhitt
Twitter:           fitwhitt

Location: Austin, Texas

Age: 28

Height: 5’6”

Weight: stage=128, “improvement season” = 135


Fitness Bio – How I got involved in competing

I have always been interested in health and fitness. I originally pursued a nutrition degree, but switched to nursing. I focused on my career after high school and found myself feeling disappointed in my physique after 2 years of working night shifts in the hospital and not putting my health first. I have always been active and a goal oriented person. I ran a few half marathons and saw some changes in my physique but I wanted to look like a fitness model cover girl and not just be able to achieve performance goals. I hired a trainer and told her my dreams and she suggested that I should make a goal to perform in a NPC bikini competition by the end of my 12 week goals. I hesitantly said I would try and bought my ticket to Los Angeles so there was no turning back. Twenty pounds later I found myself. I changed my diet and began devoting 100% to my training. Within 12 weeks, I had dramatically changed my body and stepped on stage at my first bikini competition. It was in that moment that I knew I would step on stage again. I loved the purpose driven training, the incredible changes I saw in my physique and the crazy amount of fun I had prancing around on that stage. I planned my next show on the flight back to Texas and haven’t stopped dreaming ever since. I dropped twenty pounds during my first transformation from 152 pounds to 132 pounds when I stepped on stage. My body fat percentage went from 18% to approximately 11% when I stepped on stage. I have had my own personal struggles with post competition weight gain and finding a balance after a show, but I come out stronger each and every time. I am currently nationally qualified and competed in my first nationally level show this past July, the USAs championship in Las Vegas. I am constantly trying to make improvements in my physique with the ultimate goal of obtaining my pro card next year. The best thing about this sport is the ability to constantly make improvements. You should never be 100% satisfied with your physique because positive changes can always be made. This keeps me motivated to keep hitting the gym day in and day out.


My fitness regimen consists of lifting heavy weights and lifting them often. I weight train body part specific 5 days a week. I train specifically to my goals and my physique. I carry a lot of muscle in my legs and have learned from trial and error that I should not directly train quads or hamstrings. I do glute isolation training twice a week and do activate my quads and hamstrings in these exercises indirectly. Here is a typical training split for me:


I love to eat so I opt to for whole foods that are nutritiously dense. I love to eat vegetables and egg whites. A standard breakfast for me is taking oats, egg whites and protein powder and making pancakes or waffles. I believe it’s possible to eat clean and enjoy your food.

Meal 1:

1/3 cup oats
1 scoop whey protein
2 egg whites
Cinnamon, pumpkin spice, cocoa etc – make it yummy and fun
(eat as oats or make into pancakes and waffles)

What I Am Motivated By

I am motivated by own past success and the possibility to surprise myself and achieve another goal. My first goal was to just be able to step on that stage. Now my goals have evolved to include national level shows and competing for my pro card. You grow with your dreams. I am motivated by the hope and possibility of making those come true. I am also motivated by striving to set an example to others about a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The biggest return on investment of my sacrifices hasn’t been the trophies or hardware on my shelf. My biggest inspiration is that through my own journey I have the ability encourage and inspire others to make healthier choices and improve their lifestyles. That has been the most rewarding part of competing for me.

What Inspires Me

I look up to the leaders in the sport, especially the IFBB Bikini pros. I follow them on instagram and social media networks to keep me inspired and motivated to continue working towards my end goal of becoming a pro. We all have daily struggles and social media networks have allowed us all to have an open window into each other’s daily lives and how we overcome our unique struggles. We are all amateurs before we become professionals in the sport. I also turn to my husband. He believes in me when I don’t feel I can continue. His constant encouragement to pursue my dreams keeps me inspired. Having his blessing to pursue my dreams, regardless of the time and sacrifices of this sport, constantly motivates me to strive to make him proud.

My Future Plans

I want to continue improving in the sport with each show I compete in. I am making improvements now so that when I hit the stage again in the spring, I’ll be a better competitor than I was the last time I stepped on stage. I plan to attend as many national level shows that I can manage during the 2014 season in hopes of achieving my pro card and begin competing in the pro ranks. I have also been a person that lives to help others. I hope to be given opportunities in the future to inspire, motivate and encourage others to pursue their own dreams. I would ultimately love to be a sponsored athlete and IFBB bikini pro. Stepping on that Olympia stage would probably be the best feeling in the world.

Competition history:

NPC Iron Man Naturally – LA Fit Expo    Class C            5th place
Ronnie Coleman                                              Class C
Adela Garcia Classic                                      Class C
Branch Warren                                              Class C            3rd place

Phil Heath                                                       Class D           14th place
Adela Garcia Classic                                    Class C            5th place
NPC USAs Championship                          Class E            14th place