NPC May 2013 Athlete of the Month Profiles: Men’s & Women’s Bodybuilding

Kevin Rainey and Rebecca Andrades have been named the Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding NPC Athletes of the Month for the May. Check out their full profiles below!

Recent Accomplishment: Junior USA Championships Heavyweight and Overall

Age 24
Height 5’9
Contest Weight 222
Residence Kathleen, Georgia
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Georgia State Championships 1st Heavyweight and Overall; 2010: Georgia State Championships 3rd Heavyweight; 2007: Georgia State Championships 1st Teen Light Heavyweight and Overall

GARAGE DAYS“When I was 12, my father bought up all the old gym equipment left over after a gym in our town closed its doors. It was in our garage, and my dad drilled into me all the basic movements for every muscle group. I just committed to getting into shape. I played baseball in elementary school, but broke my ankle at tryouts in middle school. I decided to pick up soccer once my ankle was healed, and played through middle school. As a senior in high school, I started playing football, even though I was only sixteen at the time. I also won the state’s 5A Weightlifting Competition in my weight class, scoring in bench, squat, and power-clings.”

BE THE BESTI have a very competitive nature, and I know that I’m happiest when I’m winning. I know that I have the potential, and am willing to put in the effort to reach that winning potential. I find inspiration in the satisfaction of being the best, most competition ready version of myself that I can be.

BODYBUILDING TEACHER “I use my time wisely and maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a job as a high school math teacher and my passion for bodybuilding. So far, I’ve been able to teach students and bodybuild. It can be tough and stressful, and certainly involves a heavy load, but it can be rewarding. I just keep working all the time, and I’m eating all the time. All my time is spent working – either for me or for my students. I’m either at the school in the classroom; I’ve coached an undefeated middle school football team and had a blast. Other than that, I’m in in the gym, working for myself. I just hope that the motivation that I can find in the gym can be an example for something that my students can find as well.”

STUDENT SUPPORT“I’m a high school math teacher, and a good bit of them follow my career, and I hope some of them will take inspiration from me to stay healthy and use that to follow their dreams. The Junior USAs were in May, so the students were focused on finishing up their school year. I knew they were really proud of me when I saw several of my students at graduation practice, where they threw me some congratulations. It was great to know they could congratulate me even during such an important occasion in their lives.”

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