IFBB Pro Rich Tuma Back & Shoulder Workout Video

IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Rich Tuma Back & Shoulder Workout. Filmed by J.M.Manion

Precontest Physique Back & Shoulder workout
4 to 5 super sets of 8 to 10 reps of:
Wide grip pull-ups
Iron cross with Dumbbells 
3 super sets of 10 to 15 reps then a dropset of each to failure of:
Close grip hammer strength front pulldowns
Side lateral dumbbell raises 
4 super sets of: 
Hammer strength low row 10-12 reps
Resistance band rear deltoid contraction 20 reps
4 super sets of: 
Straight arm pullins double dropset each round except last round just one set. Reps range from 10 to 15 reps
Bent single arm rear shoulder fly
Set 1 full and Half reps to 10
Set 2 one full rep to multiple on half reps to 7
Set 3 one half rep to multiple of full reps to 5
Set 4 double multiple of full and half reps to 5 reps
Notes about workout:
1. If you can’t do wide grip pull-ups substitute wide grip pull downs.
2. This workout is designed for precontest training. Weights are lighter because it involves non stop super sets alternation pulling and pushing movements. If done right you will need to lighten your weight and you will experience a cardio/pump.
3. The idea of this workout is to avoid injuries and isolate major muscle of the back and shoulders.
4. Go by feel when drop setting- when you can’t do another quality rep drop the weight.
5. The first 3 sets of hammer strength low row are single arm and last set is double arm.
6. When doing band rear deltoid contractions grab band at a distance you feel the posterior deltoid contract.
7. Change grips on straight arm pull in from close to wide on each drop set.
8. Try to control movement with lighter weight on the partial reps in the one arm bent rear shoulder fly.
9. No deadlifts or shoulder presses right before contest.
10. Warm up rotator cuff with 3 sets of 15 reps on the internal and external rotation.
11. Contract some poses of the muscle your working between sets for a few seconds to connect the mind and body.
12. Use weight that allows you to use good form. What you do in the gym shows on the stage.
13. Drink water during your workout. I like to use RTN BCAA or Glutamine in my gallon of water.
14. Listen to your body and keep a good pace throughout the workout.
15. Make sure to breathe out when you lift weights and breath in when lowering weight.