NPC Nationals Pro Card Winner Profiles: Men’s & Women’s Bodybuilding

Nearly 1000 competitors took the stage in Atlanta two weeks ago for the 30th Anniversary Edition of the NPC Nationals. A whopping 62 IFBB Pro cards were earned over the two-day event. Check out the profiles from the new IFBB Pros in Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding below, with comments from NPC/IFBB Judge Steve Weinberger.


(Note: Full profile information is not provided in cases where competitors did not respond to inquiries)


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BRIAN YERSKY – Overall and Super Heavyweight Winner
Age 30
Height 5’10
Weight 255
Contest History/Highlights 2011: Nationals 3rd Super Heavyweight; 2010: USA Championships 3rd Super Heavyweight; North Americans 5th Super Heavyweight; 2009: Junior Nationals 3rd Super Heavyweight; USA Championships 8th Super Heavyweight; North Americans 5th Super Heavyweight; 2008: Jr. USA Championships 3rd Super Heavyweight; Junior Nationals 4th Super Heavyweight; 2007: Collegiate National Championships 1st Super Heavyweight; Junior California 1st Heavyweight; 2006: Junior Nationals Super Heavyweight 16th; Los Angeles Championships 3rd Super Heavyweight; North Americans 17th Super Heavyweight
Judge’s Comments “This was the best he’s ever looked, and he’s been around for a long time. Hopefully he will continue to improve and become a very good pro. An excellent overall winner.”




JUSTIN COMPTON – Heavyweight Winner
Age 24
Height 5’8
Weight 223
Contest History/Highlights 2011: Nationals 13th Heavyweight; Junior Nationals 2nd Heavyweight; 2010:
2012 NPC Nationals, Heavyweight, 1st Place; 2010: Kentucky Muscle 1st Light Heavyweight and Overall Winner; 2008: Cincinatti 3rd Middleweight, 3rd Novice; Natural Ohio Teen Overall Winner; Northern Kentucky Teen Overall Winner; 2007: Kentucky Muscle Teen Overall Winner; Monster Mash 2nd Novice; Northern Kentucky Teen Overall Winner
Judge’s Comments “A young kid with a bright future. He pushed Brian and could have won the Overall with no argument. Beautiful shape. He’s got the total package. If this kid continues the way he’s going, he’s gonna be a star.”



LLOYD DOLLAR – 2nd Heavyweight
Age 39
Height 5’8
Weight 218
Contest History/Highlights 2012: USA Championships 13th Heavyweight; 2011: Junior Nationals 3rd Heavyweight; Nationals 6th Light Heavyweight
Judge’s Comments “Great conditioning, great size, great muscle bellies. He could have been harder from the back, especially in that back lat spread.”




ADAM COHEN – Light Heavyweight Winner
Age 28
Height 5’6
Weight 195
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Junior Nationals 1st Light Heavyweight; 2011: Bev Francis Atlantic States 1st Light Heavyweight; Junior Nationals 3rd Light Heavyweight; 2010: Garden State 5th Light Heavyweight
Judge’s Comments “Great shape and conditioning. He could work on making his back a little wider. He won this class on conditioning.”



STEVE SILVERMAN – 2nd Middleweight
Age 28
Height 5’1
Weight 175
Contest History/Highlights 2011: Atlantic States 2nd Middleweight; Junior Nationals 1st Middleweight; Nationals 2nd Middleweight; 2010: Atlantic States 1st Middleweight; Junior USA 4th Middleweight; 2008: Atlantic City 1st Welterweight
Judge’s Comments “A lot of muscle on a little frame. He’s got to control that stomach at all times. He’s little tank and even though he carries all that muscle he still has good shape.”



SHAWN CLARIDA – Bantamweight Winner
Age 30
Height 5’2
Weight 143
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Golds Classic 1st Lightweight; East Coast 1st Lightweight; 2011: Mid Atlantic States 1st Bantamweight and Overall; Bev Francis Atlantic States 1st Bantamweight; Team Universe 1st Bantamweight; IFBB Amateur Worlds 9th Featherweight; Nationals DNP Bantamweight; 2005: Natural Mid Atlantic 3rd Novice Lightweight; Excalibur 2nd Bantamweight; Natural Empire State 1st Bantamweight; Northeast Open 1st Bantamweight, 2nd Novice Lightweight
Judge’s Comments Freaky shape, great conditioning, real good muscle bellies. He was excellent. He could work on his posing, he needs to present himself a little bit better in some poses – especially the side chest.”



ALEJANDRO OJEDA – 2nd Bantamweight
Age 35
Contest History/Highlights 2012: New York State Grand Prix 1st Lightweight; 2011: Pacific USA 1st Lightweight; Brooklyn Grant Prix 1st Lightweight; Southern States 2nd Lightweight; Masters Nationals 2nd Bantamweight
Judge’s Comments He was in good condition, but he needs more size, especially in the legs. He’s got to work on getting his legs to match his upper body.”






ANTHONEIL CHAMPAGNIE – 2nd Super Heavyweight
“Real full muscle bellies, great shape and great conditioning. The only thing he really nedds to improve is his back. If he brings that back up he could be a dangerous pro.”






CORY MATHEWS – 2nd Light Heavyweight
Judge’s Comments Great shape, big full muscle bellies. Believe he could be a good pro. Been around a while. Tiny waist, big legs. Excellent, very good, very impressive. He could work on his condioinng, but could be dangerous.






ANTHONY PAITARIS – Middleweight Winner
Judge’s Comments “Lot of muscle. Very good condition, Very impressive. A good, quality winner.”






ARTIN SHAHNAZARIAN – Welterweight Winner
Judge’s Comments “Good skin tone, good shape, good conditioning. A couple more pounds and he’ll be dangerous in the 212 class. Could work on his presentation. His back doesn’t look that wide, but he could pop his lats out in those poses and it would probably look wider.”






BRANDON WILLIAMS – 2nd Welterweight
Judge’s Comments “Another guy who could be real dangerous in the pros. Big, full muscle bellies, great shape. Another one who needs to bring up his legs, especially his hamstrings. His front thighs aren’t bad.”






CHRIS DARBY – Lightweight Winner
He’s very good. Very good conditioning and shape.A little thick in the waist, but other than that he represented himself very well.”






JOHNNY MCKNIGHT – 2nd Lightweight
Judge’s Comments Good conditioning and good size in the upper body. He needs to bring up his back and his legs. Lower half needs more size and better conditioning.”







JUANITA BLAINO – Heavyweight and Overall Winner
Age 43

Height 5’7
Weight 167

Contest History/Highlights 2010: Nationals 2nd Heavyweight; IFBB North Americans 3rd Heavyweight Over 35; Masters Nationals 5th Heavyweight; 1994: USA Championships 10th Heavyweight
Judge’s Comments “A good National winner. If she can make her back a little wider and get a tad tighter, she could be a good pro.”


KIRA NEUMAN – Heavyweight Winner
Age 31
Height 5’2
Weight 130
Contest History/Highlights 2011: Indiana State/Hoosier Classic Overall Winner; USA Championships 6th Light Heavyweight; 2010: Mid Atlantic Grand Prix Overall Winner; 2009: USA Championships 6th Light Heavyweight; Nationals 12th Light Heavyweight; 2008: Junior Nationals 2nd Middleweight; 2007: Ms Indianapolis Overall Winner; Collegiate National Championships Overall Winner
Judge’s Comments “Good shape, nice condition. She could be a very good pro, she’s ready to pop right in and compete. She could improve her posing but she has beautiful shape.”



RENE MARVEN – Middleweight Winner
Age 25
Height 5’2
Weight 124
Contest History/Highlights 2012: New York Grand Prix 1st Middleweight; 2011: Rhode Island Championships 1st Middleweight; Hudson Valley Championships Overall Winner
Judge’s Comments Really good shape and conditioning. She is a little thick-waisted, which holds her back a little bit from behind. Could be tighter from the back. A really good look overall.”




CRYSTAL RIEKE – Lightweight Winner
Age 30
Height 4’11
Weight 106
Contest History/Highlights 2011: North Carolina State Championships 1st Lightweight and Overall; Junior USA Championships 1st Lightweight; 2010: North Carolina State Championships 2nd Lightweight; 2003: North Carolina States 1st Novice Lightweight; Jan Tana Classic 3rd Lightweight; 2002: Elite Muscle Classic 1st Novice Lightweight
Judge’s Comments “Very good conditioning, she just needs a little more size. Good delts. Needs to add a little more sweep on her thighs and more width to her back.”