What’s in SteelFit® Athlete @caseysamsel_bikini’s Supplement Stack Video



What’s in SteelFit® Athlete @caseysamsel_bikini’s Supplement Stack?

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My @steelfitusa supplement stack:

•Steel Beauty

•Abs of Steel

•Buns of Steel

•Guns of Steel

•Steel Fuel BCAAs

•Steel Pump PreWorkout

•Steel Core Non-Stimulant Fat Burner

•Waist Trimmer

My stack was not always this big! It first began in 2016 with just Abs & Buns of Steel! Luckily as my love for the products grew, so did the product line. Pure, transparent ingredients and labels make SteelFit® incomparable to many brands on the market. The variety and purposes allow me to stay within the SteelFit® brand that I know well and trust. SteelFit® has never let me down on stage or off.

And….I have re-signed with the best brand for my second full year and I look forward to having their products and their support going into my own & @team_casey new competition year!

Check out the complete Skin Fitness + Sports Nutrition Product Line at STEELFITUSA.com!