View From the Judges: Pittsburgh Pro Figure

IFBB Women’s Head Judge Sandy Williamson breaks down the top three finishers from the Pittsburgh Pro Figure Championships.



“She just got her pro card last year. Other than the Olympia she has placed in the top five in all five of her pro contests, so obviously she is doing well in the Pro Division. I think Jamie is also a Masters competitor, so she has a little more muscle maturity and that tends to hurt her sometimes. For this show she brought her muscularity down a little bit from the Olympia. She’s definitely on the right track.”

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“In prejudging she just looked like she wasn’t there, her whole presentation was off. She just kind seemed washed out, especially from the front. It might have been her tan, because her tan was really light, but she just didn’t catch your eye. She can be a little too lean in the delts. From the rear she’s beatuifuil, she has a nice v-taper and her conditioning from the rear was really good. “

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“Candice has been on the pro circuit for a long time. She usually comes in too muscular and too lean, but the last couple years we’ve seen her slowly move up the ranks as she’s changed that. She was second at the Europa Orlando last week. She has really worked on what the judges have critiqued in bringing her muscularity down a little bit and it is paying off for her.”

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