View From the Judges: Pittsburgh Pro Bikini

The IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Championships were a showcase for some of the top competitors in the division. Here, IFBB Women’s Head Judge Sandy Williamson breaks down the top three in the latest View From the Judges.



“She got her pro card at Team U last year and made her debut in December at the Pro World Masters, where she came in 6th, so moving up to 3rd here was an improvement. Beautiful girl, nice stage presence … maybe could have been a little tighter in her glutes and legs but when you get to the top 3, that can vary from one group of judges to the next. A beautiful figure. I think you’ll see her placing well at future bikni shows.”

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“Jamie has probably done more with her physique than any of the other bikini competitors over the years. She has worked he way up from not being in the top 5 to being a consistent top 5 threat at the Olympia and the Arnold. Beautiful skin tone. She has worked so hard to get her legs down, her upper body sometimes looks a little too thin compared to some of the shorter girls. But I don’t think there was a lot either Jamie or India could have done to improve their conditioniong yesterday.”

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“With, it’s the balance. She has beautiful skin tone and is very balanced in her upper and lower body. Part of that is because she’s a shorter competitor. Sometimes she can come in a little bit too heavy and that’s when she places a little bit lower, but when she is very tough to beat when she’s conditioned. Her exotic look, her stage presence – that’s what sets her apart. Her stage presence is her hallmark. Here, it was just a little more dramatic and when you have two competitors in very good shape like we did here with India and Jamie, sometimes that can make all the difference.”

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