View From the Judges: Grand Prix Women’s Physique

The IFBB Pro Grand Prix this past Saturday was the fourth IFBB Women’s Physique contest of the year. Sara Hurrle notched her second win of the season amidst the best lineup of competitors to date. Here, IFBB Judge Lee Thompson breaks down the top three competitors and the overall lineup.



“For her height, Sabrina carries a very nice physique with the amount of muscularity that she has. She needed to be little tighter in her glutes and hamstrings and needed to work on her presentation. Her mandatory poses were not where they needed to be – she couldn’t demonstrate everything that she had. On the other hand, her posing routine was great – she won the best posing award which was very artistic and had the crowd going. She also could add a little bit to her arms to bring them up to par with her shoulders.”

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“Posing, posing, posing. Her posing was awkward at best. But her physique is really suited for Women’s Physique. She could be a tiny bit softer – she was a little too hard. Because of her inexperience in posing, she was showing some striations in certain poses. But as she settled into the poses those striations weren’t showing as much. Patricia has a great physique for this division moving forward without a lot of tweaks – aside from bringing down her legs. “

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“Sara has a very good, balanced, symmetrical physique. She’s a little slight in the calves, but her overall presentation and confidence really carried the day for her in a strong lineup. It’s the best Sara we’ve seen yet. She’s finally dialing things in and finding the balance of conditioning she needs. She could be a little more defined in some areas – abdominals for one – but she’s a good representative of the look we are going for.”

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“The top five competitors here really understood what the look is that we’ve specified in the regulations. And it showed in the results. Karina Nascimento won that first contest in Phoenix but in this lineup she just looked very straight up and down. She is a pretty lady that has muscle but she has to work on that v-taper because that’s so important in this division. Some of the girls towards the bottom of the lineup still aren’t hearing what we’re saying – that the division is figure with slightly more muscle, not bodybuilding with slightly less muscle.”

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