View From the Judges: Grand Prix Men’s Physique

The IFBB Pro Grand Prix hosted the second Men’s Physique competition of the year. All of the top four from last month’s Governor’s Cup made the trip to Los Angeles to compete, but the results were vastly different this time around. Here, IFBB Pro League Judge Lee Thompson looks at the top three and comments on the overall lineup.




“Miguel has a good overall look. I think what he’s using for his tan is holding him back somewhat though – he’s using a paste and it’s fading his lines. That paste is smoothing him out under the lights. His skin looks very dry. What’s carrying him is, he has just the right amount of conditioning and he is shapely. The overall physique is there.”










“Collin has the All-American look, but he needs to bring up his upper chest development. He’s flat in that area. Everything else is very proportionate. He’s very balanced and very symmetrical. But because he’s so wide, he needs to be fuller in that upper chest area.”











“Mark had, for this show, the least amount of flaws of all the athletes. He has a very good symmetrical and balanced physique for the division. He’s not muscular – he’s got that model-eseuqe look. His presentation and poise on stage carries him. His confidence shows, and he knows how to hit the poses so he’s able to display his strengths in a way that overshadows any of his weaknesses.”








“This was a really good lineup. But the majority of the competitors try to go too hard, too vascular and too defined – and that is not what we are looking for per the division regulations. In this lineup, we saw a couple new faces and some who had competed at the Governor’s. Matt Christianer won that contest, but this time his hardness really, really hurt him. His intercostals were showing, his obliques were striated and the hardness of his delts made him look extrememly large and overpowering – he almost looked like a very small bodybuilder. When you’re starting to see a Christmas tree that’s a real issue.”

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