IFBB Judge Steve Weinberger breaks down the top three from last weekend’s Pro World Figure Championships.



“She has a nice look. She could have been a little tighter here but genetically she is thicker in the waist than the two ahead of her. To make her waist appear smaller she needs to put more sweep on her thighs and make her back a little wider – not thicker. She doesn’t need any more thickness. Legs could be a little leaner without getting too hard like a physique competitor.”

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“She has tiny waist and good structure, but she needs a bit more muscle in her legs. That’s her biggest problem right now, along with her presentation. She needs to be more relaxed on stage. She’s way too tight, almost posing like a bodybuilder instead of being loose. She just turned pro, so she has a lot of potential if she corrects a few things.”

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“She is one dangerous competitor. Beautiful shape, really nice conditioning. She could present herself a little better from the front. Wicked little waist, she’s very genetically gifted. She’s world class – she’s going to be dangerous for Nicole [Wilkins] and Erin [Stern].”

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