The best over-40 bodybuilders in the world took the stage in Miami, Florida this weekend for the 10th edition of the Masters Olympia. The lineup was without question the most competitive in Masters Olympia history. Here, the Masters Olympia head judge Steve Weinberger breaks down the top five and the overall lineup.



“He has a lot of muscle, good size to him. His conditioning could have been better. If his conditioning was better, he would have done better. But it wasn’t on the money and that’s why he ended up in fifth and not higher. “

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“Great shape. Great conditioning. Needs more muscle, especially upstairs. He really needs to put size on his back and chest. Legs are great.”

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“For a guy who’s been away for a couple years, he looked great. Great condition and a lot of muscle on that body. The things that held him back are the same problems – his stomach and his back. Those are his two flaws. Size and condition were awesome, that’s what landed him in third place ahead of the other guys.”

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“He’s got a very similar structure to Phil heath. If you put them next to each other they are really close. Big, round muscle belies, beautiful symmetry, beautiful skin tone. A few areas that need to be a little bit bigger, but he definitely is going to be dangerous next year. He’s always had great symmetry, but didn’t have the size. I don’t think Dexter gave him much competition in the final round. His legs still overpower his upper body a little bit. He’s got the nice, big, round delts like Phil has, but still needs to fill out a little bit more up top.”

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“I thought he was better here than he was at this year’s Olympia – as good as the Dexter that won the 2008 Olympia. In as good, if not his best shape ever. His legs were back to being Dexter’s legs. It could have been because of the fact that he was up against these guys but, honestly, I thought he looked very, very good.”

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“The the top 10 guys were outstanding. Everyone really looked great. Judging it, it was hard to believe it was a masters show. Any of those guys could have showed up at any contest and been very competitive.”