View From the Judges: 2012 Fitness International

Adela Garcia won her record-setting fifth Fitness International title this past weekend. Here, IFBB Women’s Head Judge Sandy Williamson comments on the top six.




“Physique wise, she came in very good condition. I don’t think there was a lot she could have done to make her physique any better. She lacks a little bit of symmetry, she has a little bit thicker waist and that can be tough to overcome. She was in the top 5 in routines. She always has a strong routine, and it’s gotten better because she’s added more strength moves to it. .”











“She was tighter than she was at the FLEX Pro, I saw a big difference in her physique from two weeks ago. But, I just get a sense that Tanji is coming off an injury – her routine still lends itself more to the entertainment factor and the dance factor as opposed to strength and flexibility. Tanji is very capable of doing a lot of strength moves, which I didn’t see at the FLEX Pro or here. As far as entertainment factor though, you’re not going to get much better than her.”










“Physique-wise Bethany has beautiful symmetry. Genetically, she probably has the best symmetry up there. I just though she was a little too lean here, like she lost some of her fullness from two weeks ago. She ended up 3rd in the physique round and usually she’s up in that 2 spot. Bethany’s routine – usually physique is her strength but her routine has really come up a lot over the last few years. The quickness and the cardiovascular aspect is much better. “









“She probably should be given the award as the most improved fitness athlete as far as the physique. She has made major changes over the last few years. When she started out, she was very straight up and and down – now she has more of a v-taper,. She has worked on the quality of muscle rather than the amount of muscle that she has. I thought she had a great routine, a little different from the FLEX Pro because she added a little bit more strength moves to it, which she usually has but she took some of that out for the FLEX pro. Again , her cardiovascular, her movements – you’re not going to get much better than her as far as the way she moves on stage.”










“The best I’ve seen her physique so far – she has made great improvements there. She usually comes in a lot softer than she did. Easily in the top 2 or 3 as far as physique. Routine-wise, I think she moves well on stage. But to improve I think she needs to add more strength moves. The degree of difficulty of her routine may not be quite where it needs to be at this level.”










“I love Adela’s physique, I always have. Beautiful muscle bellies, she always comes in shape. She won the FLEX Pro, but I was a little disappointed with her routine. Yesterday, hands down I thought she had the best routine up there. You don’t have to rely on gymnastics and I think lots of times the fitness girls think they have to. The judges are looking for a combination of strength, stage presence, flexibility and comfortability with your body. Which she has all of. She draws the audience into her. This was one of the best routines I’ve seen from her in a while.”