In our premiere for season 2 of RBT, 3 incredible and inspiring stories!  Jerrika DeBoer is a mother of 5 who has overcome sexual and physical assault where she had her organs stomped in, had cigarettes put out on her and assaulted with screwdrivers and left for dead only to use bodybuilding to make a physical and emotional comeback!  Wallace Wong, a chef who has worked at some of the best restaurants in the world who has overcome childhood obesity and cancer to make it to the national stage.  Lastly, Reggie Dava, a police officer and family man who is the fastest OPA athlete to turn IFBB Pro and doing so at the age of 40!

Director/Producer/Host – James Hergott

Guest Hosts – Angela Robinson, Trina Burns IFBB Pro, Amanda Snooks

Director of Photography – Reil Munro, Adrian D’Alessandro, Omran Omaid, Innis Papagiannis, Rey Damasco, Harrison David Burton

Editor – Omran Omaid

Executive Producer – James Hergott


Wallace Wong

Reggie Dava IFBB Pro

Jerrika DeBoer


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