‘Radical Body Transformation’ Ep. 6 – Four Friends Pt 1: Amazing Weight loss + Country Girl Thrives!

In this special episode of James Hergott’s continuing ‘Radical Body Transformations’ series  we follow Susan Cruz, a mother of two who was 270 pounds, pre diabetic and at serious health risk and lost more than 150 pounds to become 1st place figure champion!  Her best friend Audrey Sabiston also competes but faces the challenge of living out in the country without a gym nearby, so her and her husband manufacture their own workout equipment and train on the farm. 


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Director/Producer/Host – James Hergott

Director of Photography – Reil Munro

Editor – Taylor Shadney

Associate Producer – Chris Johnson

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Executive Producer – Frank Sepe


Production Manager – Andrew Urquhart

Assistant Production Manager – Lyly Ngo

Producer – Murray Urquhart

Make Up and Hair – Christina Loughrin



Darren Mehling



Susan Cruz

Audrey Sabiston

Sarah Bow

Kristyn Kelli Boulet



Mike Janik


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