”Radical Body Transformation’ Ep. 5 – Train Like a Girl – Ft. IFBB Pro Natalie Janik & Trina Burns
In this episode of James Hergott’s continuing ‘Radical Body Transformations’ series (Executive Produced by NPC News Online Editor in Chief Frank Sepe & NPC President/ IFBB Pro League Chairman Jim Manion) we follow two of Canada’s elite women.  Natalie Janik is a mother of two who recently turned pro in figure and will be hitting the stage for the first time as a pro at the Toronto Pro Show.  She got into it through her former co worker Darren Mehling who she has known for 20 years and who is now her coach.  We also follow Trina Burns, a Canadian National level physique competitor and mother of four who works in finance.  She fights to overcome a major shoulder injury to make it to the National stage.  In addition to dispelling a lot of myths, Trina challenges host Hergott to “Train like a girl” wearing a special outfit she selected for him.  The results have to be seen to be believed.
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Director/Producer/Host – James Hergott
Director of Photography – Reil Munro, Regan Rogerson
Editor – Taylor Shadney
Associate Producer – Chris Johnson
Executive Producer – Jim Manion
Executive Producer – Frank Sepe
Production Manager – Andrew Urquhart
Assistant Production Manager – Lyly Ngo
Producer – Murray Urquhart
Make Up and Hair – Christina Loughrin
Darren Mehling
Natalie Janik
Trina Burns
Ron Hache
Jim Morris
Georgina Dunnington
Special Thanks:
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