‘Radical Body Transformation’ EP 20: OPA Girls Pt. 2: The Return!  

  Last year (Episode 12) we followed three incredible stories of women making their way through the Ontario Physique Association (OPA) in search of an IFBB pro card.  We continue the follow up w/ Jennifer Remazki, Brenda Brouillard and Monique Cormier as well as this time her husband, Joe Cormier, accompanying her as a mixed pair.  All of these great personalities continue to evolve and take unique paths.  Join them in their continued transformations as not only competitors but as people!

Director/Producer/Host – James Hergott

Guest Hosts – Angela Robinson, Trina Burns

Director of Photography – Omran Omaid, Reil Munro, Adrian D’Alessandro

Editor – Omran Omaid

Executive Producer – James Hergott


Jennifer Remazki
Brenda Brouillard
Monique Cormier

Joe Cormier


Darren Mehling

Christina Mehling

Matt Makischuk

Ron Hache
Jim Morris

Mike Janik

Georgina Dunnington

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