‘Radical Body Transformation’ EP 19: Such Great Heights!

Episode 19 of RBT is our most powerful thus far!  Including our most radical transformation yet, with long haul truck driver, Paul McGinn, losing 260 pounds by creatively working out in the back of his truck under the coaching guidance of RBT alumni Jennifer Remazki!!!  If that’s not enough, Muscle Insider fitness editor, Jaime Filer, tells an amazingly heartbreaking story of losing her father in a house fire when the firefighters couldn’t get him out because of his medical condition as well as cancelling her engagement to the “perfect guy” only to discover her true sexual orientation.  All the while competing in both figure competitions as well as cross fit training w/ Jeff Ingram of Freak Fitness.  Then to top the show off, after the untimely passing of her airline captain brother, Michelle Joy Richardson, mother of 4 kids sets out on her dream of getting coached by Nichelle Laus to get professional fitness model photos done by Dave Laus in order to get into a magazine!  As part of that we interview Dave and make up artist Lori Fabrizio on the behind the scenes of the bodybuilding and fitness industry!

Director/Producer/Host – James Hergott

Guest Hosts – Angela Robinson

Director of Photography – Omran Omaid, Innis Papagiannis

Editor – Omran Omaid

Executive Producer – James Hergott


Michelle Joy Richardson

Jaime Filer

Paul Mcginn

Lori Fabrizio

Dave Laus


Nichelle Laus

Jennifer Remazki

Jeff Ingram

Darren Mehling

Christina Mehling

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