Radical Body Transformation 4K, Ep 26: You Are Stuck With You, Embrace It

Radical Body Transformation 4K, Ep 26: You Are Stuck With You, Embrace It


This documentary length special episode of RBT shot in 4k tracks the fitness journeys of three regular people who accomplish extraordinary things and transform their lives at Bodilogix Fitness gym in #Cobourg Ontario, Canada. Under the guidance of head trainer Andrea Johnson as well as Alison Burnham, we see over several months and sometimes years, the incredible positive change that can occur through determination, goal setting, training and diet.  We open with Kelly O’Connor who like many mothers and wives has felt she has let her body go as she has prioritized raising her children and the routine of life. Her goal is to get her confidence back to improve her marriage, to be a positive role model to her children and most importantly for her own wellness. She does so with the goal of competing in a local show. Meanwhile Helen Walsh overcomes a multitude of setbacks to go from a size 24 to 14 and along the way changing who she is as a person. Also featured is Hunter Weatherby who as a late teen/ young adult suffers from the opposite problem and wants to gain weight, specifically lean mass. Andrea helps train him and teaches him how to eat and add size in a healthy natural manner and we see a boy transform into a man. We are really proud of all of those on our show who continue to show what is possible when you set your mind to self improvement!

Episode 26
Title: You Are Stuck With You, Embrace ItDirector/Producer– James Hergott
Host – James Hergott
Episode Host – Andrea Johnson
Director of Photography – Adrian D’Alessandro
Editor – Adrian D’Alessandro
Executive Producer – James Hergott

Helen Walsh
Hunter Weatherby
Kelly O’Connor

Distributor: NPC News Online

Andrea Johnson
Alison Burnham

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“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” -Jim Rohn