Product Spotlight: Performix ION HEAT Powered by SST

Product Spotlight: Performix ION HEAT Powered by SST

ION HEAT Powered by SST

PERFORMIX® ION HEAT powered by SST is an exciting new product hitting shelves now; efficaciously dosed and transparently labeled, this product is designed for the consumer looking for a reliable way to add a fat-burning element to their pre-workout.

Our superior formula featuring – Caffeine Anhydrous, CarnoSyn®, BioPerine®, L- Carnitine and Capsimax® — helps shed fat and build muscle while supporting a fast metabolism and appetite management.

ION HEAT Powered by SST:

  • ●  Transparent labeling, showcasing formula superiority.
  • ●  Renowned energy benefit of ION, driven by the patented ingredientCarnoSyn® & Caffeine.
  • ●  Thermogenic power of SST, through the patented ingredient BioPerine®
  • ●  L-Carnitine to help utilize fat to fuel workouts
  • ●  Powered with the award-winning, patented ingredient Capsimax®, which isclinically proven to help manage appetite.
  • ●  Features PERFORMIX’s TERRA Intelligent Dosing® Technology, time-released technology that offers a phased delivery system to maximizeingredients and offerings
  • ●  Available in Pineapple Express flavorAvailable at GNC and from $44.99. Follow us @Performixdriven and