The prize money has increased once again at Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, bringing the grand total awarded to $900,000 – at $75,000 increase from a year ago. The increase includes additional prize money to the Mr. Olympia winner ($50,000 increase to $250,000 total) and the Bikini and 212 Showdown divisions ($12,500 per division).

Check out the official press release below:


America Media Inc. (AMI) and the IFBB Pro League, producers of the Joe Weider’s 2012 Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend, are thrilled to announce that the prize money for this year’s event has been increased to $900,000.

“We’re proud to be increasing the prize money at what continues to be the biggest event in bodybuilding,” AMI Chairman and CEO David Pecker said. “The athletes at the Olympia are the best in their sport and the rewards they’re fighting for should be the biggest in the sport.”

This year’s Mr. Olympia winner will be awarded a record-setting $250,000 – a $50,000 increase from last year’s event. In addition, the Bikini Olympia and the Olympia 212 Showdown prize totals will increase by a combined $25,000.

The IFBB Pro League has also announced that the winner of the 2012 Amateur Olympia will be granted a berth at the 2013 Mr. O. The 2012 IFBB Amateur Olympia is scheduled for November 29-30, at Kadalya Stadium in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

“The IFBB’s mission is to give athletes all over the world the opportunity to compete at the highest level,” IFBB Pro League Chairman Jim Manion said. “Thanks to the combined efforts of IFBB President Rafael Santonja, Mr. Olympia LLC and AMI, we are making it possible for athletes to follow their dreams and for fans of this great sport to see the best bodybuilders in the world.”

Industry leader Ultimate Nutrition once again presents Joe Weider’s 2012 Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend brought to you by The weekend features the Mr. Olympia, 212 Showdown, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Ms. Olympia contests and expo full of exciting events takes place September 27-30 in Las Vegas. Tickets are on sale now.

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Mr. Olympia

1st $250,000
2nd $100,000
3rd $75,000
4th $50,000
5th $40,000
6th $30,000
7th $18,000
8th $17,000
9th $16,000
10th $14,000
11th $4,000
12th $4,000
13th $4,000
14th $4,000
15th $4,000
16th $2,000
17th $2,000
18th $2,000
19th $2,000
20th $2,000
21st $2,000
22nd $2,000
23rd $2,000
24th $2,000
25th $2,000
TOTAL $650,000


Ms. Olympia
1st $28,000
2nd $14,000
3rd $8,000
4th $5,000
5th $3,000
6th $2,000
TOTAL $60,000


Fitness Olympia
1st $28,000
2nd $14,000
3rd $8,000
4th $5,000
5th $3,000
6th $2,000
TOTAL $60,000


Figure Olympia
1st $28,000
2nd $14,000
3rd $8,000
4th $5,000
5th $3,000
6th $2,000
TOTAL $60,000


Bikini Olympia
1st $15,000
2nd $6,000
3rd $4,000
4th $2,500
5th $1,500
6th $1,000
TOTAL $30,000


212 Showdown
1st $20,000
2nd $9,000
3rd $5,000
4th $3,000
5th $2,000
6th $1,000
TOTAL $40,000


GRAND TOTAL $900,000