Gerald Pressley and Ginger Martin have been named the October NPC Athletes of the Month in Men’s and Women’s Physique. Check out their full profiles below!

MEN’S PHYSIQUEGerald Pressley
October Accomplishment: Texas State Championships Overall Winner

Age 32
Height 5’10 ¼
Weight 178
Residence The Woodlands, Texas
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Branch Warren Classic DNP; Texas State Championships 1st Class C and Overall

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ALL AMERICAN  “I’ve always been involved in athletics – I ran track at the University of South Carolina on a scholarship and was an All-American on the 4×4 relay. I ran the 400 meters, both relays, the 200 and the 100. I was just drawn to physique and bodybuilding, that’s kind of the nature of the beast in track and field. So I kind of fell right into the sport.” 

TEAM WORK “I’ve been a practicing dentist for about five years now so my day can get pretty busy, but my wife helps me so much. I have an alarm that goes off every three hours when I need to get my meals. The girls at work help me too – they say ‘Doc it’s time to eat’. It’s pretty much a team effort.

ROLE MODELS “I’ve always been drawn to the work ethic of a Kai Greene, and always looked to Arnold as far as workouts. He kept it old school – barbells and dumbbells – and didn’t try to break the mold. Serge Nubret … guys like that were some of the first physiques that I noticed. “ 

LIVE AND LEARN “That first contest was very intimidating. Looking back I had no idea what I was doing. I probably prepared for the show for maybe three weeks – it was kind of a rude awakening to see what those other guys were putting into it. But instead of discouraging me, it kind of motivated me.”

BE YOUR BEST “Competition humbles you, and also creates a work ethic – that’s the biggest thing. To have that work ethic day in and day out and not really seeing results right away, but staying with it because you know it’s going to benefit you in the long run. And you know you’re not to win every race you run or every contest you enter – you just bring your best and at the end of the day that’s all you can do.”

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