NPC November 2012 Athlete of the Month Profiles: Men’s & Women’s Physique

Vincent Fiore and Toni West have been named the NPC Athletes of the Month in Menís and Womenís Physique for the month of November.

November Accomplishment: Nationals Overall and Class A Winner

Height5’6 1/2
Contest History/Highlights†Bev Francis Atlantic States 2nd Class A; Team Universe 3rd Class A; USA Championships 5th Class A

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ACTIVE LIVING ďAthletics is something that I was raised with from the time was four or five years old – football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse. If my father could sign me up for a sport, he would sign me up for something. I played lacrosse from when I was five all the way up through college. I started working out in middle school and high school, but it wasnít until college when I really started getting into it not just for sports, but for a lifestyle.Ē

THE EAST COAST MECCA ďI started going to Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym this summer, and itís the only place Iíll go and train now. It just takes it to a different level. You look anywhere on the wall and someone up there might be in the gym, like Kevin English or Kai Greene. The other day Jay Cutler was there. You canít walk into that place and not be motivated. The whole atmosphere there is unlike anything else Iíve ever been around.Ē

COMPETITIVE SPIRIT ďCompeting is something thatís always been a part of my life, itís not just something I flip on and off. I donít want to say everything I do is a competition, but Iím always pushing myself to do better. That comes from sports. Growing up that was my passion. Itís what drove me at first, but when I grew older I took that competitive spirit and applied it to whatever I was doing in my life to take it to the next level.Ē

ELITE EXPERIENCE ďMy first pro show will be the New York Pro Ė Iím just really looking forward to the opportunity to be on the stage. The athletes Iíll be on that stage with – from bodybuilding to physique to bikini to figure Ė these are the elite. The NPC and the IFBB are the best federations in the world, so to be a part of that will be an amazing experience.Ē

SET UP FOR SUCCESS ďAs far as expectations, Iíll approach it the same way I approached the Nationals Ė push myself to be the best competitor I can be and bring in a better package each time I step on stage. As a competitor you train to be the best, but you prepare for whatever can happen. Iíll go in with high expectations for myself because thatís just who I am. Anyone who doesnít set high expectations really isnít setting themself up for success.Ē

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