NPC News Online Tip of The Day: Presented by GNC

GNC Beyond Raw® Re-Built Mass

A monster mass gainer with clinically studied components to promote improved muscle size, stamina and strength.^ This hardcore formula packs 850 mass-building calories of the highest quality protein and ingredients to deliver lean mass and support a rock-hard physique. As an anabolic quad-phase stack, it is loaded with 60g of fast, medium, and slow-acting protein for crucial nutrient timing of essential aminos fueling dense muscles, plus 130g of energy-driving carbohydrates. To feed your hunger for size, it has an intense 10g Advanced Creatine Complex with 5 forms of creatine, including micronized creatine and creatine precursors.

^When used in conjunction with a resistance training program.

Kenia Chavez is not a GNC sponsored athlete.