NPC News Online Photo Gallery: Amanda Latona & Jason Poston Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town 2013 Part 1

Amanda Latona & Jason Poston Photos: J.M. Manion –

This is the 2nd photo set of the series taken on the Sunday after the 2013 IFBB Olympia’s by NPC News Online photographer J.M. Manion at the Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town. The NPC News Online crew consisted of Amir Marandi shooting Behind The Scenes photos and video, Ron Avidan shooting video and Behind The Scenes photos and Johnny Cortese holding the light disk. All of J.M. Manion’s photos are unedited with no retouching. No strobe lights were used at all.  All adjustments were made ‘in-camera’ during the course of the photo shoot.
Amanda Latona and Jason Poston can be contacted for appearances exclusively through FMG,