NPC Nationals Pro Card Winner Profiles: Bikini

Profiles of the pro card winners in the Bikini division from the 2012 NPC Nationals, with comments from NPC Women’s Head Judge Sandy Williamson.

Go here to see all of the Bikini contest photos from the 2012 NPC Nationals!


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ANGELA SKEELS – Overall and Class D Winner
Age 29
Height 5’5
Weight 122
Contest History/Highlights 2012: California State Championships 3rd Class D; USA Championships 16th Class D
Judge’s Comments “She changed drastically from the USAs. She’s the hallmark of what stage presence can do to help improve your placing. Hair, makeup, color, suit, presence – everything was so much better. That’s is how important those things are in bikini. She could have been a little tighter, but the biggest difference is her overall stage presence.”




Age 21
Height 4’11
Contest weight 95
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Arnold Amateur 1st Class A; Fox Cities Showdown 1st Class A; Junior Nationals 6th Class A
Judge’s Comments “A pretty girl, her overall look catches your eye. She needs to add a little more curviness and fullness to her body to compete at the next level.”




JOY GRAJO – 2nd Class A
Age 31
Height 5′
Weight 103
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Sacramento Championships 1st CLass A; 2011: Championships 3rd Class A; California State Championships 5th Class A; 2010: Contra Costa Championships 1st Class A and Overall; Central Valley Classic 1st Class A and Overall; San Jose Championships 4th Class A; USA Championships 6th Class A; Sacramento Championships 3rd Class A
Judge’s Comments “This girl could have won the class and no one would have argued. She could use a little bit more fullness and nicer stage presence. She could also use a little more roundness in her glutes.”




Age 26
Height 5’2

Weight 108

Contest History/Highlights 
2012: Pacific USA Championships 1st Class B; Sacramento Championships 2nd Class B
Judge’s Comments A very pretty girl, a lot of the judges really liked her overall look. She needs to improve on her conditioning for the pro stage. Very photogenic and has a really nice look.”





Age 28
Height 5’2
Weight 110
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Governor’s Cup 2nd Class B; Junior Nationals 2nd Class B; USA Championships 5th Class B; Sacramento Championships 1st Class B
Judge’s Comments Beautiful skin tone, good conditioning. Needs a little bit more fullness and needs to work on her overall stage presence. I don’t mean the suit or her color, it’s that her presentation doesn’t really catch the eye or stand out.”




CRYSTAL GREEN – Class C Winner
Age 27
Height 5’4
Weight 114lbs
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Mile High Classic 1st Class C and Overall; Junior Nationals DNP Class C; USA Championships DNP Class C; North Americans DNP Class C; 2011: Natural Colorado Championships 3rd Class C, 1st Novice Class C; Rocky Mountain Championships 2nd Class C
Judge’s Comments “A pretty girl with good structure. Her conditioning is going to need to be much better at the next level, her abdominal area and glutes in particular. Her color, her tan was really blotchy.”




ASHLEY WADE – 2nd Class C
Age 29
Height 5’3
Weight 109
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Atlantic USA 3rd Class B; Eastern Seaboard Championships 8th Class B; North Americans 8th Class B; 2011: Ft. Lauderdale Cup 6th Class B, 3rd Novice Class B
Judge’s Comments “A beautiful girl with nice overall stage presence and a nice look. Needs to improve her conditioning in her lower body. Her upper body conditioning is fine, so she has to watch to not to get too lean up top as she tries to tighten up her lower half.”




Age 31
Height 5’5
Weight 122
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Vancouver Naturals 1st 5’4 to 5’6; Emerald Cup 1st Class D; Oregon Ironman 1st 5’4 to 5’6 and Overall; Oregon State Championships 1st 5’4 to 5’5; USA Championships 8th Class D; 2011: Seven Feathers Classic 7th 5’6 and Under
Judge’s Comments “Needs to work on her presence – hair, makeup and suit- because nothing really stands out about her. She has a long torso, and she’s one of the girls that wears the bottom of her suit really low, so that doesn’t help. She would look better if her suit bottoms were hiked up a bit. Could be tighter in the lower body.”




AMY ALLEN – Class E Winner
Age 35
Height 5’6 1/2
Weight 115-117
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Governor’s Cup 4th Class E; Muscle Contest Grand Prix 1st Class E and Overall; Junior Nationals 3rd Class E; USA Championships 3rd Class E; Sacramento Championships 1st Class E; 2011: Titans Grand Prix 1st Class E; Sacramento Championships 5th Class E; Nationals 12th Class E
Judge’s Comments “Good shape, good conditioning, really nice skin tone. I think she improved her stage presence tremendously throughout the year and it all came together for her here. She needed more color in her face and she could be a little bit tighter in the bottom half.”




ALY VENENO – 2nd Class E
Age 30
Height 5’6 3/4
Weight 128
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Garden State Championships 5th Class B; Virginia Grand Prix 1st Class B and Overall; Team Universe 5th Class E; North Americans 2nd Class D
Judge’s Comments “Conditioning in the legs and glutes needs to be better in order for her to make that jump to the pros.”




KALYN LINK – 2nd Class F
Age 22
Height 5’8
Weight 125
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Kentucky State Championships 1st Class B and Overall; 2011: Junior USA Championships 6th Class F; 2010: Kentucky Muscle Classic 1st Class D
Judge’s Comments She needs to work on her posing because she has to do something to stand out more on stage. She’s a a little on the thin side – to be competitive at the next level she’ll have to fill out a little bit more.”





KERRI HAYES – Class F Winner
Judge’s Comments “Another one who wears the bottom of her suit too low. She’s a little thin overall, she could fill out more in the upper body. She needs to be a little tighter in her backside but is close to being too thin up top, so she needs to find a balance there.”