NPC August 2012 Athlete of the Month Profiles: Men’s & Women’s Bodybuilding

Accomplishment:  Pacific USA Championships Overall Women’s Bodybuilding Winner

Height  5’5
Contest 138
Age 33
Residence Temecula, CA
Contest History/Highlights 2011: Los Angeles Championships 11th Women’s Physique

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TOTALEE AWESOME “I first met Lee Haney at our church when I was about 12 or 13. He was one of our neighbors. We went over to his house once and I got the chance to ask him what I needed to do to become a bodybuilder. I remember him saying no woman had ever asked him that, especially at such a young age. He just told me to keep my food clean and work out real hard.”

MARINE CORPS “I entered the Marine Corps at 17 and was in the Marines until 2006. I always wanted to be a Marine. Mainly because my father was one –  just one of those family tradition things. There was never a doubt in my mind. Since I was a little girl  I knew I wanted to be a Marine and I knew I wanted to be a bodybuilder.”

MARINE LIFE “I rose up the military ranks pretty fast and reached the rank of sergeant. It was a great experience. Being around other women who are similar, just being around marines as a whole will always motivate you.”

FIRST CONTEST “I competed for the first time when I was in the military, in 2007. I placed fifth and it was amazing. I’ll never forget that. That was the first goal I ever made as an adult where I said ‘I’m gonna do this’. I didn’t have a trainer, I didn’t have a real diet plan – but I did it.”

FAMILY SUPPORT “I have four kids – 16, 14, 12 and 8. Two girls and two boys. They absolutely love it. They don’t care to help me cook my fish and everything else, but they always encourage me to keep away from the sweets and the chips. They love how people talk about how buff their mom is and everything.”