Today’s NPC Athlete Spotlight is Leila Archer


Contest: Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic 2013
Figure Master: 1st place
Figure Open Class C: 5th place.

image-2I am a naturalized Virginian and was born in Mali, West Africa.  I came to America in 1989 for my undergraduate studies in Computer Sciences in OH.  After I graduated, I moved to the DC metro area where I worked in the Information Technology area.  While working, I also acquired my Master of Science degree in Information and Telecommunication Systems at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.  I am now working as a Director at a DC based global law firm.
I’ve always loved sports and competition in general.  I have a second degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and have competed and won few medals in martial art competitions. I’ve always wanted to compete in bodybuilding but somehow never entered a competition.  I decided to put my Shotokan belt down and deep my feet into the bodybuilding world this year.  I picked the last NPC show of the season in the DC metro area, the Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic. I’ve always liked Jay so why not do his show, right? Anyhow, it was the best decision I’ve made.  This was my very first competition and I won 1st place in the Figure Master category as well as 5th place in Figure Open.  I was stoked.  Even though I came prepared to win, I did not expect to place 1st in the Master category  I trained so hard, kept up with my nutrition, did everything my coaches said and never missed a day at the gym during contest prep.  I am looking forward to doing some national shows in 2014 and my goal is to get my pro card.
I have such a wonderful support system: my friend and coach Amy Fargo; my posing coach Tina Peratino; my trainer Chris Sami, my dear brothers: Mo, Abdoulaye, Ibrahim, Alpha and last but not least my friends.  I am living the American dream.  Who knew 20 years ago that a Malian from West Africa would come to America, compete and win a bodybuilding show?  America is truly the land of opportunities.  I am looking forward to seeing what 2014 will bring.  I am training as hard as I can and am optimistic and excited about the possibility of showing a much improved version of myself in up-coming shows.

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