NPC ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Jessica Beville and Jose Mendieta

Jose and I went to watch our first NPC bodybuilding show together in 2010 as one of our first dates. Later that year we stepped on stage for the first time. Our competition careers began together and have continued together. Jose transformed his body from over weight at 260 to competitive in the light heavy weight class. I have changed from nothing but skin and bones to a lean yet curvy physique. He is my biggest support and inspiration. Jose has even stepped up as my prep coach and taken me to the national stage for the first time in 2013. Bodybuilding is definitely a huge part of our live together. It has really taught us the importance of balance between training, our relationship and our careers in the finance and accounting fields. In November our bond will grow just a little bit stronger, and we will even be spending part of our honeymoon watching friends compete at Nationals!

Our competition history for 2013:
3rd place light heavy NPC Indianapolis Championships
– 7th place NPC Junior USAS, 15th place Junior Nationals