NPC Active Wear Gallery: Women’s 2015 NPC Universe Champions

2015 NPC Universe Championships Women winners wearing the latest NPC Active Wear.

2015 NPC Universe Winners:
Women’s Figure Overall Winner Nicole Reynolds, 
Bikini Overall Winner Jessica Schiefer
Women’s Physique Overall  Winner Erin Twiggs Hutchinson
Women’s Fitness Overall Winner DERINA WILSON

The women were photographed by NPC News Online Editor in Chief Frank Sepe at  the annual NPC News Sunday photo shoot with the NPC Universe Championships IFBB Pro qualifying athlete’s & the Overall Bodybuilding champion.  It is well known that NPC News Chief Photographer J.M. Manion has been doing this photo shoot for 25 years after this contest. So there really is no excuse for an athlete to miss this photo shoot. It was a fun time for all of us!

2015 NPC Universe Championships Contest Galleries