A total of fourteen competitors earned IFBB Pro cards in Men’s Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique at the 2012 IFBB North Americans. Check out the profiles of all the new men’s pros below.

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(Note: Full profile information is not provided in cases where competitors did not respond to inquiries)

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Dallas McCarver – Overall and Super Heavyweight Winner
Age 21
Height 6’0′
Weight 255
Residence Jackson, Tennessee
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Hub City Fitness Quest 1st Junior Heavyweight 1st and Overall Junior winner; Battle at the River 1st Super Heavyweight and Overall




Chris Przybyla – Light Heavyweight Winner
Age 34
Height 5’6
Weight 195
Residence Syracuse, New York
Contest History/Highlights 2012: USA 10th Light Heavyweight; 2011: North Eastern Muscle Classic 1st Light Heavyweight and Overall; USA Championships 5th Light Heavyweight; North Americans 3rd Light Heavyweight; 2010: USA 12th Light Heavyweight; North Americans 7th Light Heavyweight; 2009: USA 9th Light Heavyweight; North Americans 7th Light Heavyweight; 2008: Rochester 3rd Heavyweight; Junior nationals 7th Light Heavyweight; North Americans 3rd Light Heavyweight




Joe Romine – Heavyweight Winner
Age 30
Height 5’9
Weight 205-212
Residence Pinckney, Michigan
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Central States 1st Heavyweight and Overall; 2009: Junior Nationals 8th Heavyweight; 2008: North Americans 6th Light Heavyweight; 2007: Michigan State Championships 1st Light Heavyweight and Overall; 2005: Michigan State Championships 4th Light Heavyweight




Dan Decker – Masters Over 35 Overall and Super Heavyweight Winner
Age 38
Height 5’11
Weight 240
Residence Fountain Valley, California
Contest History/Highlights 2012: USA 4th Super Heavyweight; 2011: North Americans 3rd Super Heavyweight; 2010: USA Championships 10th Super Heavyweighyt; 2009: North Americans 3rd Heavyweight; 2008: Jr. Nationals 3rd Heavyweight; Nationals 6th Heavyweight; 2007: USA Championships 13th Heavyweight; 2006: USA Championships 7th Heavyweight; 2004: Indiana State Championships 1st Light Heavyweight; 1994: Illinois Naturals 1st Middleweight, 2nd Teen; 1993: South Bend 4th Teen




Tim Johnson – Masters Over 50 Overall and Light Heavyweight Winner
Age 55
Height 5’8
Weight 198
Residence Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Contest History/Highlights 2012 Masters Nationals 2nd Over 50 Light Heavyweight; 2011: Masters Nationals 4th Over 50 Light Heavyweight; North Americans 1st Over 50 Light Heavyweight; 2010: Minnesota North Star 1st Masters Over 50 and Overall, 1st Light Heavyweight; 2007: Minnesota State 2nd Masters Over 40, 3rd Light Heavyweight; Upper Midwest Classic 2nd Masters Over 40, 2nd Middleweight





Drew Jemmott – Masters Over 40 Overall and Superheavyweight Winner









Anton Antipov – Overall and Class B Winner
Age 29
Height 5’11
Weight 183
Residence Brooklyn, New York
Contest History/Highlights 2012: USA Championships 7th Class D; Team Universe 3rd Class B; Junior Nationals 2nd Class C; Rhode Island 1st Class and Overall Winner; Atlantic States 1st Class C and Overall; Mid Atlantic Naturals 1st Class and Overall; Steve Stone Metropolitans 4th Tall Class




Justin Busiere – Class C Winner
Age 21

Height 6’1
Weight 205

Residence Erie, Pennsylvania

Contest History/Highlights 2012: Europa Show of Champions 4th Class B; Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic 1st Class






Donta Tanner – Masters Over 35 Overall and Class C Winner
Age 38
Height 5’11 ½
Weight 175
Residence Waipahu, Hawaii
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Ikaika Champinoships 2nd Tall Class






Michael Ferguson – Masters Over 35 Class A Winner
Height 5’7 ½
Weight 173
Residence Memphis, Tennessee
Contest History/Highlights 2012: MuscleContest Class B 12th;Junior USA 12th Class A; Junior Nationals 3rd Class A; Team Universe 5th Class A





Miguel Frank – Masters Over 35 Class B Winner
Age 44
Height 5’10 ½
Weight 190
Residence Pearland, Texas
Contest History/Highlights 2011: Nationals Class C DNP; Branch Warren Classic 14th; Texas Shredder 1st





Todd Abrams – Masters Over 35 Class D Winner
Age 38
Height 6’2 ½
Weight 215
Residence Frisco, TX
Contest History/Highlights 2012: West Texas Classic 8th Class D; Oklahoma Championships 2nd Class D, 1st Masters Over 35





David Gonzales – Class A Winner






Sean Marshall – Class D Winner