Classic Video: Havlik vs Winklaar

One of the major questions heading into Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships this weekend is which version of Roelly Winklaar will show up – the one who won the 2010 New York Pro in his rookie season, or the one who fell to 9th in 2011?

Before he won the New York Pro and became a household name to bodybuilding fans, Winklaar was a young up-and-comer from the Netherlands with dreams of becoming and IFBB Pro. Here is footage (courtesy of from Winklaar’s first major contest, the 2005 World Amateur Championships, as he is compared with Stefan Havlik, the 2012 Arnold Amateur Overall winner.

Havlik ended up placing 4th in the light heavies, while Winklaar failed to crack the top 16 – only to resurface four years later to win the overall at the 2009 Arnold Amateur.

The Overall winner at the 2005 World Championships? Super Heavyweight winner Dennis Wolf.