ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT:IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Competitor Carli Terepka


Carli Terepka is a 23 year old Women’s Physique athlete from Ohio, and New IFBB Pro.  Competing since she was 18, Carli’s love and commitment to the fitness world is shown in her fantastic physique, which was recently rewarded with an overall title at the 2017 IFBB North Americans. She knows all about persistence and hard work, having tried her hand at figure for 4 years, before finding a more suitable home for her well muscled frame in Women’s Physique.  In addition to her dedication to the bodybuilding world, Carli has recently graduated from nursing school and obtained her registered nursing license.  Despite the rigors and demands of her loaded schedule in nursing school, she found the time to train, the time to meal prep, and adjusted her bodybuilding routine around the crazy hours she kept.  Her sister would drill her on test questions from her school books while she was prepping meals, and she listened to audio text books while on her cardio equipment. No matter the issue, she found a way to make it work… and in the process, built one of the most impressive physiques we’ve seen in 2017.  Taking time off after North Americans for knee surgery, it is likely that she will be considered a possible threat to win any IFBB pro show that she chooses to enter in 2018 with her sharp as nails conditioning, excellent proportion and symmetry, and the overall complete package that she is able to bring to the Women’s Physique stage.

 Carli plans to start her nursing career in the emergency department at a local trauma center in the next few months. Her future goal is to make it to the Olympia and be a travel nurse as Carli has a strong passion for traveling and seeing the world along with helping those in need.

 Carli Terepka Contest History:

2012: Natural Northern -3rd 

2013: Pittsburgh championships -3rd 

 Jr.USA – 5th 

 Julie Palmer ultimate showdown-overall 

 North Americans- 2nd 

2014: Arnold amateur – 6th 

 Pittsburgh championships- 5th 

 Jr.USA – 6th 

 Team universe – 12th

2015: Arnold amateur- 4th 

 Golds classic – overall 

 Jr. Nationals – 6th 

2016: South Carolina Grand Prix – overall 

 USA championships – 5th 

2017: IFBB North Americans- WPD Class B & Overall (IFBB PRO CARD)

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Joe Bayer