38 IFBB Men’s Physique Competitors Will Be Competing At The 2016 Arnold

38 IFBB Men’s Physique Competitors will be stepping on stage at this years Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Contest. Take a look at the competitor list below. We will keep you updated on any changes to the competitor list. Click here For the official Arnold Sports festival Website.


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2016 Payouts 
1st: $5,000
2nd: $2,000
3rd: $1,500
4th: $1,000
5th: $1,000
6th: $500

2016 Men’s Physique Competitors 
1.William Anin
2.Duane Brickhouse
3.Anthony Brigman
4.George Brown
5.Stanislas DeLongeaux
6.Chad Demchik
7.Michael Dougherty
8.Raymont Edmonds
9.Michael Ferguson
10.Andre Ferguson
11.Timothy Feuling
12.Cameron Gardner
13.Xavisus Gayden
14.Robert Giles
15.Frank Griffin
16.Sean Harley
17.Shannon Haynes
18.Brandon Hendrickson
19.Michael Johnson
20.Andre Johnson
21.Brett Kahn
22.Joseph Lee
23.Eren Legend
24.Tone’ Martin
25.T.A. Martin
26.Chris Mosher
27.Darnell Moss
28.Freddy Naidu
29.Jason Poston
30.Tonnell Rodrigue
31.Ani Saliasi
32.Ryan Terry
33.Tony Tirado
34.Shannon Thomas
35.Marco Achille Gandolfi Vannini
36.Derrick Wade
37.Antoine Williams
38.Matthew Wold