Twenty-five female competitors earned their way into the professional ranks at the IFBB North Americans on August 31-September 1 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here, we highlight the new pros in Figure, Bikini and Fitness. Check out the profiles below, with comments on individual competitors from NPC/IFBB judge Steve Weinberger.

(Note: Full profile information is not provided in cases where competitors did not respond to inquiries)

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Dawn Fernandez – Figure Overall and Class F winner
Age 42
Height 5’6
Weight 133
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Contest History/Highlights 2012: USA Championshisp 3rd Class E; Team Universe 10th Class E; Junior Nationals 2nd Class E; Gold Coast Muscle 1st Class E and Overall; 2011: IFBB Arnold Amateur 6th Class E; Team Universe 8th Class E, 10th Masters Class C; USA Championships 9th Class E; Nationals 9th Class E; 2010: Natural Western Regionals 1st Bikini Tall and Overall; Muscle Contest 4th Bikini Class D; California State 5th Bikini Class E; West Coast Classic 2nd Bikini Class E, 4th Bikini Masters; Masters Nationals 4th; USA Championshis 16th Bikini Class E; Nationals 15th Bikini Class E; 2009: Western Regionals 2nd Bikini Tall Class; Excalibur 2nd Bikini Tall, 1st Bikini Masters
Judge’s comments “She’s very attractive and has a nice physique overall. Her legs are a little too heavy, to be competitive as a pro she’ll have to bring those legs down. She needs to bring her back width, not thickness, up.”




Monica Labriola – Masters Over 35 Class A Winner
Age 36
Height 5’
Weight 103
Residence Medina, Ohio
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Natural Cincinatti 1st Class A and Overall, Novice Overall, Masters Overall; Natural Ohio 1st Class A and Overall, 1st Masters Class A and Overall; West Coast Classic 1st Class A and Overall, 1st Masters Over 3 Class A and Overall
Judge’s comments “She needs more back. She’s thin waisted, her thigs have nice sweep but she needs to work on her stance so waist doesn’t look so thick. Her legs could be tighter, but as they get tighter she has to hold on to that sweep.”




Tammy Bravomalo – Class E Winner
Height 5’6 ½
Weight 135
Residence Florida
Contest History/Highlights 2012: USA Championships 9th Class E; 2011: USA Championships 4th Class E; Panhandle Showdown 1st Class E; 2010: Nationals 16th Class E; USA Championships 10th Class E; Heart of Dixie 1st Class E; 2009: Panhandle Showdown 2nd Class E
Judge’s comments “Has a very nice, athleteic build. She stands very nice, she could let her knuckles relax. Needs to do some glute and hamstring work and needs to make her back wider – not thicker. From from and side pretty good.”




Linda Andrew – Masters Over 35 Class D Winner
Age 38
Height 5’4 ¾
Weight 128
Residence Reynoldsburgh, Ohio
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Junior USA 8th Class D; Junior Nationals 11th Class D; Masters Nationals 2nd Class D; 2011: Northern Kentucky Championships Masters Overall winner; IFBB Arnold Amateur 2nd Masters Class B; Nationals Class B 22nd; 2010: IFBB Arnold Amatuer 8th Class D; Team Universe 16th Class D, Masters Over 35 16th Class D; Masters Nationals 17th Class D; North Americans 18th Class D, Masters Over 35 9th Class D; 2009 Ohio State/Great Lakes 4th Figure
Judge’s comments “Overall, pretty good. She could have more sweep on her thighs. Needs to keep her stomach in when she turns to the side and needs to work on her glute-hamstring tie in. Basically she has to work on her bringing her legs up to match her upper body.”





Willaine Marquez – Class B Winner
Judge’s comments “Could be tighter everywhere, especially in the legs. I don’t mean bodybuilding tighter – I mean about 4 pounds tighter. Don’t come in shredded. She has to change up her stance, relax her shoulders, pull them back a little bit and open up her back.”






Dani Ronquilio – Masters Over 35 Class C Winner
Judge’s comments “She needs to be a lot leaner. Her lower half is way too heavy. Her upper body does not match her lower body. If she’s in shape she can be dangerous, but she has to bring that lower half down.”






Cinderella Richardson – Masters Over 35 Class B Winner
Judge’s comments “Needs to be leaner, her legs need to be tighter. She just came in too heavy, especially in the legs.”






Sheri Fisher – Masters Over 35 Overall and Class F Winner
Judge’s comments “Needs better leg development, especially the front thighs. Pretty good from the back. She’s going to have to improve that to be a good pro. Also needs to learn how to present herself a little better.”








Iveth Carreon – Masters Over 35 Overall and Class D Winner
Age 38
Height 5’4
Weight 124
Residence Paso, Texas
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Masters Nationals Over 35 3rd Class B; IFBB North Americans Over 35 1st Class B and Overall; 2011: IFBB North Americans 6th Class B, 2nd Bikini Over 35 Class B; 2010: Sun City Regionals 1st Class B and Overall winner; IFBB North Americans 3rd Class B, 1st Over 35 Class B; 2009: Desert Muscle Beach 2nd Class B;
Judge’s comments “Very pretty. Very clean lines and a good overall physique. This girl is very good. Nice stage presence, she holds her self well. Her stance – her legs are a little far apart, but when you’re in shape like she is you can stand with your legs wider like that.”




Gigi Amurao – Class B Winner
Age 32
Height 5′ 3
Weight 112
Residence Edgewater, New Jersey
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Atlantic States 8th Class C; Long Island Championships 1st Short Class and Oveall; Hudson Valley Championships 1st Short Class and Overall; Team Universe 3rd Class C; USA Championships 4th Class C; IFBB North Americans 1st Class B
Judges comments “Very pretty, needs to be leaner though. A good deal leaner, like five to seven pounds, to be dangerous. She needs to work on her posing. If she does those things, she could be competitive in the pros.”



Danielle Carr – 1st Masters Over 35 Class D
Age 35
Height 5’7
Weight 118
Residence Clifton, New Jersey
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Atlantic States 5th Class D, 3rd Masters; Garden State 2nd Class C, 1st Masters; Team Universe 3rd Class E, Masters Over 35 8th; Masters Nationals Over 35 Class D 2nd; 2011: Bev Francis Atlantic States 5th Class B; Garden State 1st Class B; Junior Nationals 13th Class E; Team Universe 6th Class E; North Americans 11th Class D; 2010: Steve Stone NY Metropolitans 5th Class B; Team Universe 9th Class F; 2009: Steve Stone NY Metropolitans 2nd Tall Class; Suburban Championships 2nd Tall Class
Judge’s comments “She looks good. She needs better color and could work on her stage presence. Has to hold that stomach in when she throws her hip out.”




Sabrina Nicole – Class D and Overall Winner
Judge’s comments “Very good, very sexy. Almost a tad too muscular. Right on the edge as far as muscularity. She better not get any harder. Looks stunning on stage.”







Rachelle Dejean – Class A Winner
Judge’s comments “Very cute. Needs to be darker – her color was very light. Her suit could use some work. Very nice body. To take it to the next level she has to have much better stage presence and presentation. Posing needs work – she’s pinching her back too much. Needs to be fine tuned.”





Maria Annuziata – Class C Winner
Judge’s comments “Very attractive. Good stage presence, good posing. Looks excellent. She’ll be good.”








Danielle Delikat – Overall and Class A Winner
Age 35
Height 5’3″
Weight 125
Current Residence Las Vegas,NV
NPC Contest History/Highlights 2012: St. Louis Midwest Championships 1st; 2010: Junior Nationals 8th Class B; 2009: Tracey Greenwood Classic 1st; Delaware Open Championships 1st, East Coast Classic 1st
Judge’s comments “Needs to put on muscle and needs more definition in her abs. From the back has a nice v-taper. Needs a more dynamic routine. To make it on the next level she has work to do.”





Eileen Thomas Wells – Class B Winner
Age 29
Height 5’7′
Weight 140
Residence Aurora, Colorado
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Warrior Classic 1st Tall Class and Overall; 2011: Warrior Classic 5th Figure Class D; Junior USA 2nd Class C; 2010: Rocky Mountain Championships 1st Tall Class and Overall; Northern Colorado 1st Tall Class; 2009: Colorado State 1st Tall Class