2020 NPC National Championships Judges Feedback Information


Bodybuilding   Figure   Bikini   Physique   Classic   Wellness


  • Specific judges have been assigned to provide feedback for the competitors in each Division.
  • Competitors have ONE WEEK from the date of the posting of the JUDGES to contact that particular Judge with a Front and a Rear stage photo.
  • No other judge is obligated to respond to your feedback requests.

MEN PHYSIQUE A to M – SERGE SARIC – sergesaric@gmail.com

MEN PHYSIQUE N to Z – FRANK DIAZ – americanmusclesupply@gmail.com

MEN CLASSIC A to H – TODD HOWE – tahowe269@gmail.com

MEN CLASSIC I to Q – ANDY BARTOLOVOCH – abartolovich@yahoo.com

MEN CLASSIC R to Z – JERRY WARD– bios3training@gmail.com

MEN BODYBUILDING A to H – ROD SMITH – rod8smith@gmail.com

MEN BODYBUILDING I to Q – LUIS SANTA – bigrican1@gmail.com

MEN BODYBUILDING R to Z – BILL SIBILIA – bbbs2727@gmail.com

FIGURE A to H – MAZ ALI – bodyworx2008@hotmail.com

FIGURE I to Q – JOHN HNATYSCHAK – schakdaddy1100@aol.com

FIGURE – R to Z – TERESA ANTHONY – teresananthony@gmail.com

WP/WBB A to H – MONICA HORNBACK – teamhornback@gmail.com  

WP/WBB I to R – TIM GARDNER – tgflex.florida@gmail.com

WP/WBB R to Z – JIMMY HORNBACK – teamhornback@gmail.com

BIKINI A to F – BECKY CLAWSON – bclawson42@aol.com

BIKINI G to L – JACK SULLIVAN – jacks@realtrainingandfitness.com

BIKINI M to R – JOE PISHKULA – jpishkula@gmail.com

BIKINI S to Z – GARY UDIT – gudit@comcast.net

WELLNESS A to M – GARY UDIT – gudit@comcast.net

WELLNESS N to Z – LINDA ANDREW – abenaarn@gmail.com