2020 40th Anniversary NPC Southern States Championships Overall Champions

The NPC Southern States Championships @npcsouthernstates has a long history and in 2020 it celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The contest is currently promoted by @ifbb_pro_league Fitness competitor Maria Fucci-Bellando @mbfitpro and with all the craziness of 2020, Maria was determined to have this landmark anniversary of the contest still happen. And it did! In celebration of this anniversary, Maria along with contest sponsor @protan_official brought in @npcnewsonlineofficialpage Chief Photographer J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm to cover the contest. J.M. also arranged to do an #exclusive Overall Champions Photo Shoot for the Open class winners on Sunday after the contest.

As part of the group photo shoot, once J.M. ran them through poses he had some fun by having each winner call our their favorite pose and all the other winners had to do the same pose for that division! It was fun and everyone did it with lots of laughs! Then Maria herself got in on the action to have them do some #fitness movements, not with a lot of success as you’ll see.

The Overall Champions were;
Men’s Bodybuilding – Alexander Silin @lex_silin
Classic Physique – Jabez Pena @jay_a_pena
Women’s Physique – Barbara Stallard, also Open Class A 1st and Masters Over 40 Overall
Wellness – Tanya Pintado @tanyapainted
Bikini – Danielle Combs @missdjay05
Men’s Physique – Ayindei Gordon @ayindeitheartist who was also 2020 NPC Masters National Championships #npctcmnationals Men’s Physique Over 35 Class C 1st and new #IFBBPro
Figure – Carrie Zoba @carriezoba_ifbbpro Open Class D 1st and Masters Over 40 Overall. Carrie also competed in the 2020 NPC Masters National Championships and went on to be a 3x Class and #IFBBPro Qualified champion! 2020 NPC Masters National Figure 35 Class F 1st, NPC Masters National Figure Over 40 Class F 1st and NPC Masters National Women’s Physique Over 40 Class D 1st

The 2021 @npcsouthernstates will be held on July 10th. For more information visit their website www.npcsouthernstates.com and keep watch on the npcnewsonline.com Schedule Pages.

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